How Long is the Skirt Length of Japanese School Girls?

How Long is the Skirt Length of Japanese School Girls?

The length of skirts depends on the region and trends. Some girls wear short skirts, and others wear long ones. This is the results of research conducted in 2017 regarding the length of skirts of 2,400 high school girls.(*1)

#Skirt LengthNumberPercent
1Shorter than 15 cm above the knees2389.9 %
2Between right above the knees
and 15 cm above the knees
59324.7 %
3Right above the knees52922.0 %
4On the knees52021.6 %
5Right below the knees32913.7 %
6Between right below the knees
and 15 cm below the knees
1938.0 %
7Longer than 15 cm below the knees20.1 %

According to this article in “withnews”, the online news platform of the Asahi Shimbun, which is one of the main newspaper publishers in Japan.

The research shows the tendency of skirt length. Skirts are shorter in Tokyo and other metropolitan area, and longer in Osaka and Kobe. Even in Sapporo where the winter temperature gets below zero, girls wear short skirts without changing the length, although they wear stockings. I’ve lived in Tokyo and Osaka, and I do agree that skirts are shorter in Tokyo and longer in Osaka.


citrus, skirt length


This image from “citrus” is a scene where a student with short skirt length are receiving attention. The lengths are generally designated in the school rules, but some students try to be fashionable by folding up their skirts or changing them to shorter ones after school.


High School Fleet, Skirt length


As you can see in this images from “High School Fleet”, the skirts we often see probably fall into #1 above. Do you think 9.9% is too small or not?


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  1. Michael John Lengyel says:

    I do agree about the length of skirts in Niigata and Osaka. They are below the knee and consistent year-round. I saw a girl with pants in her formal attire and while the only one she looked professional and sincere.

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