Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Anime for Learning Japanese
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
School Live!, Kanji, 漢字, 熟字訓
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Sound of the Sky
Sound of the Sky5. Very Hard280.0This work uses a lot of military language. There are also military terms and strategic terms. Also, Japanese idioms are used, and the level is quite high. There are many conversations about the military, the past and national strategies of the characters, and the story itself is difficult. The level of Japanese language is very high because even if the characters are simply conversing on a daily basis, there are words that the learners are not familiar with.201012Slice of life, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Haganai5. Very Hard288.0There are many students' words and slang, and since the stage is a school, there are many words related to school. There are also casual game-oriented words, vulgar words, bad words, and scientific terms. Anyway, the characters are so unique that even if everyone is doing the same thing, there is no sense of unity in terms because they are reinterpreted in terms of each character.201112 Comedy, Romance3. Excellent
Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl5. Very Hard370.0There are many school terms, otaku terms, idioms and proverbs. And there are many old and difficult words, so it will be quite difficult to learn words. Conversations vary in content, ranging from school stories and love stories to more subtle ones. It will be very difficult to learn from this anime because it will include baseball and alien stories.201112Drama, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun3. Normal87.6This anime is a comedy made up of a male high school student, a professional girl cartoonist, and the characters around him. Compared to other works, this is an animation in which the "pause" that the Japanese like is often used as direction, so you will be able to deeply understand the Japanese sensibility by understanding this interest.201412Romance, Comedy3. Excellent
Brynhildr in the Darkness
Brynhildr in the Darkness3. Normal84.8It is a story about a hero who tries to save a witch who cannot live without taking a special medicine every day. Compared to S/F, there are few difficult words, and words used in daily life account for half. Also, since the stage is for students and schools, there are many school terms.201413Sci-Fi3. Excellent
Nisekoi4. Hard130.8A romantic comedy that tells the story of two people who are forced to play a fake lover for family reasons until they become true lovers. Therefore, many terms of love appear in conversation. However, the main reason for the difficulty of using the Japanese language in this anime is that the main character frequently uses idioms and young people's words that are peculiar to the Japanese language.201420Romance, Comedy1. Outstanding
Slow Start
Slow Start4. Hard180.0This is a story about Hana Ichinose, who entered high school after graduating from junior high school, spending her days with her classmates. There are no male characters, so the conversation consists of only female talk. You can enjoy the conversation of the female high school students. However, it is good for enjoying anime because it contains a lot of maniac terms and lines, but it is difficult to learn Japanese.201812Slice of life3. Excellent
Masamune kun's Revenge
Masamune kun's Revenge4. Hard208.8It is a romantic comedy about the main character who created a perfect self to avenge his childhood heroine. Because it is a romantic comedy aimed at young people, the content of conversation is often related to love, and young people's language also appears. However, the Japanese level of this romantic comedy is so high that it is not suitable for beginners to learn Japanese.201712Comedy, Romance4. Great
Air4. Hard202.0A story in which the main character, a puppeteer, meets a heroine while traveling alone, and while overcoming various hardships, they are attracted to each other. Conversations range from general to historical. Unlike its appearance, this anime is very difficult to understand in Japanese. However, since this is a historical masterpiece animation, you should watch it regardless of whether you are studying Japanese or not.200512Drama, Fantasy, Romance1. Outstanding
Plastic Memories
Plastic Memories4. Hard134.4This is the story of a protagonist and an android girl who meet and become a true partner through work. Since all the characters in the story are members of society, there are a lot of business terms and the conversation is difficult. Business level Japanese learners should try the Japanese listening of this anime.201613Romance, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Gourmet Girl Graffiti
Gourmet Girl Graffiti3. Normal108.0This anime tells you that you are happy to eat with someone. There are many dishes made with Japanese ingredients, so you can learn about food, ingredients and culture and terminology related to Japanese life. There are many terms related to food and cooking, so the rate of difficult words is high, but the content of conversation and lines are very simple, so it is a perfect work for understanding Japanese food culture.201512Slice of Life3. Excellent
Gabriel DropOut
Gabriel DropOut3. Normal82.8This is a comedy animation about angels and demons training in the human world, but it basically describes the daily lives of high school students. Therefore, although the conversation is simple and easy, there are a few kinds of words used. It is a good idea to practice listening, being aware that RPG-related game terms and religious terms will appear.201712Comedy3. Excellent
Daily Lives of High School Boys
Daily Lives of High School Boys3. Normal74.4Because it is a comedy animation, each character changes his way of talking frequently. Many of the conversations are childish for a second-year high school student. Also, there are many variations in the words that appear, and there are many terms that are not familiar to Japanese learners. What I want to say is that learning Japanese in this anime is inappropriate. But I'll add that it's an interesting animation.201212Comedy4. Great
Sound! Euphonium
Sound! Euphonium3. Normal70.8This is a masterpiece animation about the youth of high school students who are aiming for a national tournament in the brass band club. Music terms and club terms are often used. Daily conversation is not so difficult, but you need to study music and club words. In this anime, I want you to forget about learning Japanese and watch it purely as a masterpiece.201513Drama1. Outstanding
School Days
School Days3. Normal72.0The main character, Makoto Ito, has various relationships with women, and in the end, it is an animation of a tremendous destruction. As a result, many romantic words and lines appear. However, it is difficult to use the term because it is not a term of pure love, but rather a term of guilt such as cheating or adultery.200712Romance3. Excellent
Kyō no Go no Ni
Kyō no Go no Ni2. Easy44.0An animation depicting the life of a fifth grader. You may think that it is not difficult to listen to Japanese because the content of the conversation is so young, but in fact, it is not just such simple Japanese. Because laughter is surreal, the terms used are peculiar.200813Comedy4. Great
Hinako Note
Hinako Note2. Easy48.8Because the characters are trying to create a small theater company, words related to theater appear. Other than that, the works are suitable for learning Japanese because daily conversation is conducted in plain Japanese. There are few difficult terms, so you can watch it without worries.201712Slice of life3. Excellent
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Himouto! Umaru-chan2. Easy54.0A comedy animation that enjoys the difference between the heroine Umaru when she is outside and inside the house. A lot of different words appear. If it is understood, the conversation is easy to understand because it is simple, but it is not suitable for learning because the words are not consistent.201512Comedy5. Good
Girls und Panzer
Girls und Panzer5. Very Hard252.0A story of a world in which women's riding in tanks is a woman's hobby. Military and tactical terms are often used. Of course, the Japanese language of this anime is very difficult.201212Drama, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Steins;Gate3. Normal76.0The main part of the story is the time machine, so you can hear the same conversation over and over again as the story loops. However, it should be noted that many terms such as otaku (nerd) terms, net-related terms, and the term "Chuni-byo" are also used.201124Suspense, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Hidamari Sketch
Hidamari Sketch3. Normal85.2This anime depicts the daily lives of high school girls, and you can learn the daily, polite, and feminine words of the young generation. This anime belongs to Slice of Life, but since it has many difficult terms, it is recommended for learners with a Japanese level of Intermediate or higher.200714Slice of life4. Great
Blend S
Blend S3. Normal74.4This anime is about a main character who works at a concept cafe "Stile" and lives her daily life while working part-time. Note that each character has a different personality and way of talking in daily life and customer service.201712Comedy3. Excellent
A Channel
A Channel2. Easy38.4This work depicts the daily lives of the high school members. Although the content of the conversation is childish for a high school student, it is designed for beginners. The words used are also easy.201112Slice of life, Comedy3. Excellent
Kill Me Baby
Kill Me Baby2. Easy57.6Most of the conversations are between the killer Sonya and the stupid high school student Yasuna. Because ninja also appear as the third character, some words related to ninja, which are not familiar to Japanese learners, appear, but basically there are many simple conversations, so it is easy to practice listening to Japanese.201213Comedy3. Excellent
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou2. Easy51.6The residents of Sakuraso are only strangers and geniuses, but surprisingly all of them speak in a normal manner. Because this animation is set in an art school, many artistic terms appear. However, because slang does not appear at all, the students can listen to Japanese without worries.201224Drama, Romance3. Excellent
Harukana Receive
Harukana Receive2. Easy42.0It is interesting to listen while paying attention to the difference in tone of each pair. Most pairs have a combination of bright, lively characters and calming speaking characters, such as a brake that stops their partner. There are hardly any honorific words or slang, so you can watch it with peace of mind.201812Drama3. Excellent
Yuyushiki2. Easy56.4Each character has a girly tone, but the difference in the way they speak shows their personality. If you pay attention to the characters' personalities and their language, such as bright characters and self-paced characters, you can learn more realistic Japanese.201312Slice of life4. Great
A Town Where You Live
A Town Where You Live2. Easy54.0You can enjoy the contrast between local characters who speak Hiroshima dialect and urban characters who speak standard language. The Hiroshima dialect is relatively easy to understand, so you should take the opportunity to listen to this anime. This dialect is not so difficult.201312Romance3. Excellent
One Room SECOND SEASON1. Very Easy8.0It is a unique work in which the main character doesn't say a word and only the heroine talks every time. Female characters with different ways of speaking appear in different situations. Communication is one-way, so it's easier to concentrate on listening.201812Romance5. Good
One Room
One Room1. Very Easy8.0This is a unique animation in which the main character doesn't say a word and only the heroine talks every time. Like FPS games, it becomes a format in which the viewer listens to the conversation of female characters from the first-person perspective of the main character (THAT'S WHY THE MAIN CHARACTER DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING.)201712Romance5. Good
Sweetness and Lightning
Sweetness and Lightning1. Very Easy24.0This animation allows you to enjoy the difference in the way adults and children speak. In particular, paying attention to the differences between adults' and their usual ways of speaking on a whip promotes your Japanese learning. Since the conversation is centered on elementary school children, the content of the conversation is very simple and it is easy to practice Japanese listening.201612Slice of life4. Great
Tamayura: Hitotose
Tamayura: Hitotose1. Very Easy18.4Some of the characters speak Hiroshima dialect, but most of them speak Mandarin. It is good for Japanese listening practice because it focuses on the daily conversation of high school girls and the content of the conversation is very simple.201112Slice of life4. Great
Aria the Natural
Aria the Natural1. Very Easy26.4There are many female characters, and each of them has a distinctive way of speaking. Because there are many characters with polite language and no young language or slang, you can practice listening to Japanese with great peace of mind.200626Slice of life, Fantasy3. Excellent
School-Live!2. Easy60.0You can enjoy the difference in the way female characters speak. Especially the gap between the way Yuki speaks and the way others speak is interesting. I cannot explain any more so I hope you can learn Japanese through this "楽しく・明るく・朗らか" (enjoyable, familiar, cheerful) anime.201512Drama, Horror2. Brilliant
Kin-iro Mosaic
Kin-iro Mosaic2. Easy60.0This anime reflects the cultural differences difficulties in speaking a foreign language. There are not many pet phrases nor slangs spoken, so it can be viewed easily.201312Slice of life3. Excellent
K-On!!2. Easy32.4A variety of speech styles can be seen in this anime; for example, a slow speech, a girlish speech, or even a boyish speech. Although some speeches are somewhat exaggerated, you can listen to standard Japanese language.201025Slice of life1. Outstanding
Is the Order a Rabbit?
Is the Order a Rabbit?1. Very Easy9.6In general, many characters speak fluently at their own pace. The main character is a girl in junior high school and high school, but the words used give the impression that she is a little younger than ordinary Japanese everyday conversation. Because of this, the terms are simple and the contents of the conversation are simple, making the animation very easy to learn Japanese.201412Slice of life3. Excellent
Amagami SS
Amagami SS1. Very Easy28.8It focuses on the conversation between Junichi, who talks like a typical male high school student, and unique female characters. Each female character, the heroine, has a different tone, but they all speak in a standard way, so you can listen to them with ease. The content of the conversation is simple, so it is recommended as an elementary for learning Japanese.201026Romance, Comedy3. Excellent
Tari Tari
Tari Tari3. Normal82.8High school students generally speak in a general way. One person is not used to Japanese and sometimes speaks in an interesting way. The main character is a character from a young age of high school students, but there are some words for young people, but they don't use offensive slang, so you can watch it with ease.201213Drama3. Excellent
Masamune-kun's Revenge
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Ga-Rei: Zero
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Black Bullet
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Encouragement of Climb Season 2
Encouragement of Climb Season 21. Very Easy25.6This anime is comforting by the loose way of talking between high school girls. The Japanese used in the story is not far from what ordinary high school girls speak. It is very useful to learn how to speak in Japanese society, for example, by using polite expressions to superiors.201412Slice of life3. Excellent
Monster Story
Monster Story5. Very Hard256.0Since the original is a novel, there are many lines other than conversation like a sentence in the ground. All of the characters tend to speak quickly. The conversation tempo between characters is fast, and there is a conversation drama with occult, humor and drama. Oops, I forgot to say. As you know, this is the most difficult anime to learn Japanese.200915Drama, Horror, Fantasy1. Outstanding
Fate/Zero5. Very Hard382.0In this anime, the amount of speech is generally large, and conversations often progress quickly. Male character ratio is high. Because the characters are relatively old, you can listen to many adult male conversations.201125Drama, Action, Fantasy1. Outstanding
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R25. Very Hard260.0As you know, the terminology is difficult as in the 1st season. In the 2nd season, there will be more discussion scenes as the clash of ideas becomes the basis of the story. Therefore, the conversation content itself becomes difficult rather than the term alone. Learners who are confident in their Japanese ability can try to learn Japanese with this anime.200825Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi1. Outstanding
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion4. Hard160.0This is a difficult word level that even Japanese people are a little troubled with. Learning Japanese with this anime is quite difficult. Because there are many political elements in the story and many battle scenes.200626Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
The Irregular at Magic High School
The Irregular at Magic High School4. Hard170.0Because this anime is a science fiction genre, there are many terms specific to the work. In addition, there are many military and political terms, and frequent idioms, idioms, proverbs, and difficult honorific words.201426Action, Sci-Fi3. Excellent
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri5. Very Hard290.0There are a variety of fantasy terms, ancient languages, military terms, otaku terms, Japanese idioms, etc., and learning Japanese is very difficult.201524Drama, Fantasy3. Excellent
Another2. Easy54.0As explained at the beginning of the anime, “Sakakibara” is a name reminiscent of death in school in Japan. Japan has a history of school terrorism. There are few horror terms for horror anime, but there are many terms that you want to know in general. The tone of each character is exactly the same as that of real junior high school students and adults, and it is very good for learning how to speak.201212Horror, Suspense1. Outstanding
Blend S, hot spring manner
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress4. Hard180.0However, many words and terms that appear during conversation are not used today. If you like Japanese historical drama, this is a familiar word. From the perspective of learning Japanese, it is not a study in the first place. Who would like to learn a foreign language in a zombie movie?201612Action, Horror2. Brilliant
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya3. Normal84.8In general, anime with a large variety of terms and lines of speech. And terms and lines are difficult. Furthermore, honorifics and difficulty are quite high. As for Nagato and Mikuru, it is difficult for the Japanese to understand because the content they speak is too difficult.200928Drama, Fantasy1. Outstanding
From the New World
From the New World5. Very Hard260.0This anime has many unique terms due to its super-unique world view, which makes it difficult even for Japanese people. Even Japanese people feel difficult, so it will be quite difficult for Japanese learners.201225Drama, Fantasy2. Brilliant
Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea
Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea3. Normal73.2Overall, there are classic terms such as “Holy Fire” (Mitamabi) and “Hatsubi” (Tomoebi), so even Japanese people feel somewhat difficult. There are a lot of terms related to the sea, because the sea is the stage. In addition, adult lines will have high-level honorifics and difficult dialects, so you will find it difficult to listen to Japanese.201326Romance, Fantasy1. Outstanding
Charlotte3. Normal91.2Because this anime has the theme of ESP, terms related to ESP appear. However, surprisingly, those special terms do not appear frequently, so It's happy with Japanese listening practice. There are many idioms in Japanese, but nothing so difficult.201513Drama, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown4. Hard158.0As you might expect, a variety of military terms such as weapons ammunition, battles, and operations appear, and there are many terms and lines that are difficult for political relations in adult conversations. This anime can only be recommended for advanced Japanese learners who like political dramas and political struggles.201222Action, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Shuffle!3. Normal72.0Although the Japanese level of this anime is advanced, it is not because there are many fantasy terms, but because there are many phrases and idioms peculiar to Japanese (of course there are many terms related to romance, but that is not bad as a material for learning. )200524Romance, Fantasy2. Brilliant
CHAOS;HEAD4. Hard140.8The terms that appear are just difficult. Also, since the story itself is more difficult than the difficulty of the terminology, it is quite difficult to watch as learning Japanese.200912Suspense, Sci-Fi4. Great
Angel Beats!
Angel Beats!4. Hard150.4Most of the daily conversations are based on student life, but Japanese-specific phrases and idioms frequently appear. From the perspective of learning Japanese, students and youth speak the majority of the lines, and it is fortunate for Japanese learners that honorifics and slang do not appear.201013Drama, Sci-Fi2. Brilliant
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom4. Hard160.0The content of the conversation is not too difficult, but there are many topics of mafia struggle and revenge, so it is an animation for advanced users in terms of learning Japanese. However, it is difficult to recommend.200926Action, Drama2. Brilliant
When They Cry: Kai
When They Cry: Kai5. Very Hard272.0Terms that are more difficult than the previous work frequently appear. However, it is a pity that I cannot explain it. Because it becomes spoiler. Therefore, I cannot explain the Japanese difficulty of this anime.200724Drama, Horror1. Outstanding
When They Cry
When They Cry5. Very Hard250.0Due to the characteristics of the stage of the work, there are many lingering expressions and words about village society's peculiar sense of blockage, closed ships, and solidarity responsibility. In addition, there are a lot of technical terms such as difficult conversation of adults, criminal and yakuza. Contrary to the character's appearance, it is very difficult to learn Japanese with this work because it is a super masterpiece anime with a story that is heavy even if the content is heavy.200626Drama, Horror2. Brilliant
Future Diary
Future Diary3. Normal90.0Each character speaks differently, but I want you to rest assured that it's almost realistic. This anime is a drama containing fantasy elements, but there are not many difficult words. There are many variations of difficult words, so if you are an advanced Japanese language learner, it will not be bad to try this anime.201126Action, Horror2. Brilliant
Blood-C3. Normal76.8Needless to say, there are many splatter depictions that are not a part of learning Japanese. It goes without saying that there is a problem as a learning subject in the first place201112Action, Horror3. Excellent
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl3. Normal106.8Because of the work set in the back organization, words and terminology are difficult, and there are many terms in the back society, so only Japanese language experts can learn Japanese with this anime.200313Sci-Fi3. Excellent
Ga-Rei: Zero
Ga-Rei: Zero4. Hard200.0The two heroines are high school girls, but because there are many adult conversations, difficult phrases and high-level honorific words often appear. Because of the world view of the work, there are many youkai and police-related terms, so if this anime is really suitable for learning Japanese, it is limited to advanced learners of Japanese.200812Action, Horror2. Brilliant
Yuki Yuna is a Hero
Yuki Yuna is a Hero3. Normal80.4Since all the characters are junior high school girls, the difficulty of everyday conversation is not high. If you are a Japanese language learner and above the intermediate level, you can challenge to watch this anime.201412Drama, Sci-Fi, Action4. Great
Aldnoah.Zero5. Very Hard322.0It's an anime that makes Japanese happy with the difficulty of Japanese. If you are a foreigner like a native Japanese, you can learn Japanese with this anime.201424Drama, Sci-Fi, Mecha2. Brilliant
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World4. Hard188.6Anyway, the number and lines of the leading role Subaru are very large. Individual characters will not be heard because they speak differently from the present day. It is a very difficult anime for learning Japanese.201625Drama, Fantasy1. Outstanding
Black Bullet
Black Bullet5. Very Hard211.2Because the genre of the work is S / F, the appearance rate of political and military terms is high.201413Sci-Fi, Action2. Brilliant
Kantai Collection
Kantai Collection4. Hard196.0It is an anthropomorphization of the Japanese fleets during the Second World War made into a character of girls named "艦娘" (かんむす, kanmusu) . Because there are so many characters, there are many Kanmusu who speak in a distinctive way of speaking which leaves an impression for each characters.201512Sci-Fi, Action2. Brilliant
YuruYuri San☆Hai!
YuruYuri San☆Hai!2. Easy42.0A number of characters appear in this story, but each one of them has a distinctive way of speaking so they are easy to understand. Although it is full of comedy, no disturbing slangs come out so you can relax and enjoy this anime.201512Slice of life3. Excellent
Love Live!
Love Live!2. Easy39.6In this Anime, you can hear a variety of girls' ways of talking. There are many characters in Love Live! and their ways of talking is also varied to emphasize each personality. Some expressions are exaggerated compared with general Japanese everyday conversation. You can check the differences in ways of talking while comparing with other Anime works.201313Drama3. Excellent
14 Great Songs to Learn Japanese Through (Level: Very Easy)
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Non Non Biyori Repeat
Non Non Biyori Repeat1. Very Easy4.4Characters range from children to adults, so the expressions and vocabulary depend on the character's age. Each character has a distinctive habit, and viewers can listen to a variety of Japanese. It is easy to listen to since it mainly consists of conversations among primary or junior high school students.201512Slice of life3. Excellent
Girls' Last Tour
Girls' Last Tour2. Easy51.6Compared to other anime, there are very few characters introduced. And the conversation between Chito and Yuri is the main plot point. Because they both speak at a slow speed, it is very easy to understand. A few technical military terms appear, but since most of the conversation consists of plain terms, I would like to recommend it to elementary level Japanese learners.201712Slice of Life, Sci-Fi3. Excellent
New Game!3. Normal88.0This anime is set in a game developing company. Aoba, who is a newcomer, and her superior called Rin talks appropriately as a working member of society. Almost all of its characters speak so correctly that they can fit in the real world. Therefore, I would like to recommend this anime to all Japanese learners.201612Drama2. Brilliant
Scum's Wish
Scum's Wish2. Easy54.0You can enjoy the gap between the way high school students and their teacher talk to each other. A formal and with a sense of distance and the way they talk to each other at school, and a friend more light way of speaking to each other outside of school. You can learn one of the characteristics of Japanese that one can adjust a sense of distance with others by changing the way of speaking.201712Romance3. Excellent
Flying Witch
Flying Witch2. Easy43.2You can hear the frank tone of high school students and the Tohoku region dialect. Since the atmosphere of the anime is kind and calm, the conversations you hear in it make peaceful impressions in daily conversations.201612Slice of Life, Fantasy4. Great
Clannad After Story
Clannad After Story1. Very Easy13.2Compared to the previous work, this work can hear a lot more realistic and adult conversations. You should listen carefully to the words of the characters based on a delicate and polite story. Needless to say, this anime is a historical masterpiece, so please watch it.200822Drama, Romance1. Outstanding
Clannad1. Very Easy16.8Many high school students appear in this Anime, and naturally there are lots of conversations between family members. Some of the characters talk in a very distinctive way, however, you can hear a natural Japanese in general. I will recommend this Anime for a Beginner, as the difficulty level is low.200722Drama, Romance1. Outstanding
Toradora1. Very Easy9.6Since this Anime is a high school love comedy, its conversations consist of comical lines between students. You can also enjoy a Japanese typical comedy element, "Boke" and "Tsukkomi", which are roles that form a Japanese Vaudeville duo. I would like the Beginners of the Japanese learners to watch this Anime because there are very few difficult terms as conversations of high school students are central.200825Drama, Romance2. Brilliant
In Search of the Lost Future
In Search of the Lost Future2. Easy51.6This is an Anime in which you can hear both the daily conversation between high school students and between the adult characters. It basically consists of plain terms and simple conversations, so I can recommend this to Elementary-level Japanese learners.201412Romance, Sci-Fi4. Great
Laid-Back Camp
Laid-Back Camp2. Easy57.6This story features conversations between female high-school students. There is no character who speaks a female language. You can enjoy laid-back conversations between female high-school students who speak in a natural tone. Considering the difficulty level of the Japanese language used in this anime, it is suitable for intermediate Japanese learners, but if you're the same generation as them, you can challenge even if you're an elementary Japanese learner.201812Slice of life3. Excellent
Your Lie in April
Your Lie in April1. Very Easy2.8We can see real junior high school students' conversations. They use colloquial language and monologue, except for music scenes. It means easy to understand what they speak.201422Romance3. Excellent
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Tokyo Magnitude 8.02. Easy28.0There are not many main characters, but there are noticeable differences depending on age and position. Can be used to listen to real conversations of teenagers and adults, so it is effective for learning Japanese.200911Drama3. Excellent
Celestial Method
Celestial Method1. Very Easy20.0In this Anime we can learn Japanese in both somewhat reserved manners and friendly manners, as the main character is a secondary school student who returned to Lake Kiriya City after seven years. Note also the word in the title which you write "天体" (てんたい, celestial) and pronounce "そら" in this Anime.201413Drama, Sci-Fi4. Great
Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions4. Hard130.0Togashi Yuuta who became a high school student erased the delusional past. However, on the evening of the day before the school entrance ceremony, he encounters a girl who wears a medical patch over her right eye getting off the floor above his apartment. On the next day, Yuuta reunited with her at school. The classmate Takanashi Rikka is delusional who believes herself to possess a "邪王真眼" (じゃおうしんがん, Wicked Eye). She forcibly makes a "contract" with Yuta and follows him around. This is a school love comedy anime that develops while involving others around Togashi Yuuta in former delusional and Takanashi Rikka in active delusional.201212Romance, Comedy1. Outstanding
Zoku Natsume Yujin-cho
Zoku Natsume Yujin-cho3. Normal84.8It is an anime depicting interaction between humans and youkai. Besides the conversation between high school students, conversations with youkai who speaks in a bit old-fashioned way also appear.200913Drama, Horror, Fantasy3. Excellent
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day3. Normal91.2The content of Japanese is mainly the conversation between high school students. In this anime, there are young people's words and young girls' words that real Japanese high school students speak. It is good for listening practice of reality high school students' spoken words but it is better not to emulate their way of talking.201111Drama, Romance3. Excellent
Three Leaves, Three Colors
Three Leaves, Three Colors3. Normal91.4The main three characters all have the kanji "葉" (は, Leaf) in their name. The title: three leaves three colors is based on an idiom "Sansha-sanyo", meaning everyone is unique.201612Slice of Life, Comedy2. Brilliant
Lucky Star
Lucky Star2. Easy57.6The main theme song of this anime is very well-known for its amazingly fast lines and the associated dance performance. There are characters who have a distinctive way of speaking, such as geeky girls' tone and lady-like tone.200724Comedy, Slice of Life2. Brilliant
Non Non Biyori
Non Non Biyori1. Very Easy4.0A work depicting the life of students going to Asahigaoka Bunko, set in a countryside in Japan. Some characters speak in a unique language while some others speak in a dialect, making viewers notice the ways Japanese language could transform.201312Slice of Life3. Excellent
Tamako Market
Tamako Market3. Normal76.8There are elements like fantasy, including birds that speak human language, but there are many characters that speak natural ways that we hear on a daily basis. It is interesting to note that there are many character names related to mochi(rice cake).201312Drama, Comedy3. Excellent
K-On!2. Easy57.6It is an anime that depicts school girls' club activities, and a lot of everyday conversations in Japanese appear. As the characters are basically speaking in a frank tone, you can reference the way they speak when you talk with your friends. In terms of conversations between friends, learning Japanese from this anime is very effective.200912Slice of life2. Brilliant
One Week Friends
One Week Friends1. Very Easy28.8The characters are high school students, so you can learn how they speak in daily life from this anime. It is interesting to pay attention to differences in the way boys and girls talk. It would be nice to emulate their way of talking according to your sex.201412Romance4. Great
Land of the Lustrous
Land of the Lustrous2. Easy42.0It is a story of human-shaped jewels. The fact that the jewels do not have sex is a point when learning Japanese. Many characters talks in the boy’s tone, however, there are characters who talk in the girl’s tone, such as the diamond.201712Sci-Fi/Fantasy2. Brilliant
Kanon1. Very Easy7.2Since most of the Japanese used in the whole is mostly general, this anime is very suitable for watching Japanese learning. Let's note that how to talk about some female characters is exaggerated for anime.200624Drama, Romance2. Brilliant
Bunny Drop
Bunny Drop1. Very Easy7.2This work is about the relationship between the father-in-law and child. Therefore, you can enjoy the difference in the words between children and adults.201111Drama4. Great
Tamayura1. Very Easy20.0The main characters are using standard Japanese (Only Yakusa Chimo uses Hiroshima dialect). There are also scenes using polite language for a superior person and overall wording is polite. Slang words do not appear.20104Slice of life4. Great
Encouragement of Climb
Encouragement of Climb2. Easy37.6Standard Japanese is used by major characters, and there is a tendency to use polite words to superiors. There is no depiction using extreme slang.20133Slice of life4. Great
Natsume Yujin-cho
Natsume Yujin-cho1. Very Easy12.0The main characters use common Japanese in this work. They use a frank and polite way of speaking depending on the scene. Words related to youkai are unique, but slang words do not come out.200813Drama, Horror/Suspence, Sci-Fi/Fantasy3. Excellent
YuruYuri1. Very Easy6.4The main characters use general Japanese, and a few use a unique phrase to emphasize their own character. This is a strong comedy anime, but they never talk in slang.201112Comedy2. Brilliant
Aria The Animation
Aria the Animation1. Very Easy13.6There are many scenes where the major characters use polite language. In the case of friends etc, they will talk in a frank tone but they will not use slang.200513Slice of Life2. Brilliant
Nichijou, Aiai-Gasa
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
18 Japanglish Quiz about "Food and Dishes"
14 Japanglish Quiz about "Everyday Items"
1. Very Easy
Blend S, Kimono, Yukata, 着物, 浴衣
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Hyouka, cherry blossom, 桜
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, kill oneself by jumping off,jump off and commits suicide
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Blend S, hot spring manner
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan, Japanese Grilled Fish
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Slow Start, Skirt length, Japanese School Uniform
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
citrus, lily flower, Lesbien
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
In Search of the Lost Future,
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
The Important Thing is the Name of the Chocolate Stick Candy in the Anime (Pocky, Rocky, Packy?)
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding
Black Bullet,Patting Someone's Head
1. Very Easy1. Outstanding