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Very Hard Sound of the Sky

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sound of the Sky” (Proficiency Level)

This work uses a lot of military language. There are also military terms and strategic terms. Also, Japanese idioms are used, and the level is quite high. There are many conversations about the military, the past and national strategies of the characters, and the story itself is difficult. The level of Japanese language is very high because even if the characters are simply conversing on a daily basis, there are words that the learners are not familiar with.

Hard Plastic Memories

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Plastic Memories” (Advanced Level)

This is the story of a protagonist and an android girl who meet and become a true partner through work. Since all the characters in the story are members of society, there are a lot of business terms and the conversation is difficult. Business level Japanese learners should try the Japanese listening of this anime.

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