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TitleRatingJapanese ScoreJapanese LevelJLPT/BTAiredGenreEpisodesDetailsCommentaryRating (Story)Rating (Character)Rating (Animation)Rating (Music)Rating (Enjoyment)Japanese Score CalcCopyright
Haibane Renmei72.558.8EasyN3 / J42002Sci-Fi/Fantasy13---Anyway, the first half, the middle stage, and the second half are boring, but it is a work that touches the last 13 episodes. The process by which the angel is saved is carefully drawn. I thought that I would just enjoy the view of the world, and prepared a proper message. The drawings and backgrounds have an old impression, but they can be evaluated as appropriate choices for expressing the world view. The music is nothing special, but the sound effects do a very good job. If you don't watch until the very end, you won't know how good it is, so watch up to the last episode. As for learning Japanese, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that some old-fashioned terms come out, but since there is no difficult language in general, even beginners can enjoy watching while using subtitles.1714141413.558.8 =63 terms / 13 episodes * 12th grade©安倍吉俊・光輪密造工房
Gunslinger Girl70106.8NormalN2 / J32003Sci-Fi/Fantasy13---The character speaking, words and terms are English rather than anime. I don't think that the world setting is Europe, but the conversation is composed of very real Japanese. Because of the work set in the back organization, words and terminology are difficult, and there are many terms in the back society, so only Japanese language experts can learn Japanese with this anime.1714171210106.8 =115 terms / 13 episodes * 12th grade(C)相田裕/アスキー・メディアワークス,マーベラスAQL
Da Capo64.540EasyN3 / J42003Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy26---To be honest, the first half is boring, but the second half will be a full-scale development. The cherry blossoms that fulfill the wishes, the magic, and the memories of childhood, which had been laid down in the first half, are intertwined little by little, creating a dark story. At first glance, it looks like a love-hate drama, but it shows us a group of characters swayed by an unreasonable destiny. You may find the eroge-specific character settings and cheap settings boring, but be patient until the second half. The later the second half, the more interesting the development and sound, the more emotional it becomes. Especially the painful melody of the piano contributes to the psychological description of the character. It's a very old work and the character design is also vintage, but as a good work of the good old days, you should watch this animation as part of your history study. Even for learning Japanese, there are not many difficult words and the level of difficulty of words is not so high because it is a love anime on stage at school. An animation suitable for learning Japanese, which is highly recommended for beginners.1412141311.540 =129 terms / 26 episodes * 8th grade(C) CIRCUS/ダ・カーポ製作委員会
Rozen Maiden92.5132.8HardN1 / J22004Sci-Fi/Fantasy12---There are a wide variety of terms because the conversation content ranges from everyday to comedy, S / F, and sayings. The way the dolls speak is different based on their individuality, and it is necessary to understand the characteristics in order to watch. It's a very old work, but Shinku's quotes are still quite valid today. This work is a must-see masterpiece that reminds us of universal values.2020161917.5132.8 =99 terms / 12 episodes * 16th grade©PEACH-PIT/薔薇乙女製作委員会
Zipang79.5248Very HardN1 / J12004Drama, Military26---If you are a Japanese who loves military, it is an animation with an extremely interesting world view and story. The warship and battle animations are masterpieces and don't feel old. You might have heard it because the music used in audio production is famous. Now that KanColle and Azur Lane are all the rage, it would be interesting to look back at a real battleship anime. From the perspective of learning Japanese, as you expected, it is an on-parade of terms related to military terms and weapons and ammunition. In addition, there are many political, strategic and tactical conversations. The names of great people in history and the names of regions often appear. Needless to say, it is an anime with a high level of difficulty in Japanese, which even advanced users have difficulty understanding.1914191413.5248 =321 terms / 26 episodes * 20th grade©かわぐちかいじ/講談社・ジパング製作委員会
Fafner in the Azure71.5100.8NormalN2 / J32004Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi/Fantasy26---Anyway, the music is wonderful. OP songs and ED songs are extremely good. The mechanic design, which is a world view, is also a workmanship with high commitment. The drawing ability to express it is perfect. It's a 2004 work, but the mechanic action that moves so far must be evaluated as wonderful. The story and worldview are very similar to some work, but the message it claims is an interesting subject. From the viewpoint of learning Japanese, the number of difficult words is not large for SF mechanical action. One of the reasons is that there are many Katakana terms.1510181711.5100.8 =163 terms / 26 episodes * 16th grade(C)XEBEC・竜宮島役場
My-HiME71100.8NormalN2 / J32004Action/Battle, Sci-Fi/Fantasy26---The story of the first half is a battle with a templated monster, but the battle development of Spoiler in the second half is intensely interesting. The fate that the heroines carry is terrible. Personally I don't like characters. However, the animation and background drawing levels are high. I would like to appreciate that the powerful drawing of the action scene and the design of the unique weapon and equipment mechanic (?) Called Element are unique (of course, considering that this animation is an old work). Sound provides a good source of sound where it's needed, and this can be appreciated. The high-tone female chorus helps to create a serious atmosphere. In the first half, there are a lot of things that make me feel sick, but I want you to wait until the second half. You can see why it was so popular at the time. The reason why the level of difficulty in Japanese is intermediate is that there are few terms that are difficult to understand for SF genres. However, Kyoto dialects and characters who speak arrogantly will appear, so consider the character's individuality when practicing listening.1712151314100.8 =216 terms / 26 episodes * 12th grade©サンライズ
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha70.576.8NormalN2 / J32004Sci-Fi/Fantasy13---The first of the famous series. Friendship story animation that is easy to understand as a whole. The characters are cute and good, but they have a strong lori element. At that time, the world view was centered around a magical girl with a epoch-making setting, and the device's heavy sound effects were very good. The quality of the drawing varies considerably. Since there are not so many coined words and battle terms, intermediate-level players will be able to enjoy this animation in Japanese. However, be careful with Lori.1514121613.576.8 =82 terms / 13 episodes * 12th grade© なのはPROJECT
Paranoia Agent60.5190.4HardN1 / J22004Horror/Suspence13---An animation that emphasizes the story and worldview. But it's not interesting to me. I saw it twice, but it was not good enough. Is the viewing method wrong? An analysis of Japanese shows that there are some criminal terms and there is no habit. The term is often used in society and news, so it is a difficult one, but I would recommend it to learners planning to live in Japan. You can listen to realistic terms and ways of speaking often used in the real world.1610131011.5190.4 =154 terms / 13 episodes * 16th grade(c)今 敏・マッドハウス /「妄想代理人」製作委員会


96.5202HardN1 / J22005Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance12---A story in which the main character, a puppeteer, meets a heroine while traveling alone, and while overcoming various hardships, they are attracted to each other. Conversations range from general to historical. Unlike its appearance, this anime is very difficult to understand in Japanese. However, since this is a historical masterpiece animation, you should watch it regardless of whether you are studying Japanese or not. There are also a lot of idioms, hospital-related words, religious words, and sci-fi elements that will take a lot of time to understand. The story itself is very difficult, and there are many words that modern Japanese don't usually use. Therefore, it is a very difficult animation for Japanese learners to practice listening. This work may be difficult even for proficiency- or higher-level learners, so I don't recommend learning Japanese with this story.2018201919.5202 =121 terms / 12 episodes * 20th grade(C)VisualArt's/Key/翼人伝承会