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I am a Japanese who was born in Japan, brought up in Japan, working in Japan and primarily speaks Japanese. Since I have a lot of work in global projects, I often have opportunities to contact foreigners and English. So, I often learn not only languages but also cultural and custom differences by them. On the contrary, I hope that as many people will be able to have more “Learn Japanese Anime Life” by learning Japanese culture in this site.



I was born in Osaka, brought up in Osaka and now I live in Tokyo.



born in 1980s.



I am a project manager in IT industry. I have a lot of global projects, so I will work in English with people from US, Europe and Asia.



I am married and have daughters.




I watch any genre. On this site, I mainly focus on late-night anime, but I will see major anime, anime movies and Disney anime (together with my daughters)


I listen to “black metal” genre from primitive to symphonic. And I play the base, so then especially like songs where the base works well.


I watch any genre. Especially I like “horror suspense” genre, but Japanese horror is too scary so I can’t watch it.



After all, I like dark stuff.



Everyone understands Japanese culture and has more better “Good Anime Life”.



I watch all anime and explain all those Japanese culture for everyone. So someone please give me more time!