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Very Hard Sound of the Sky

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sound of the Sky” (Proficiency Level)

This work uses a lot of military language. There are also military terms and strategic terms. Also, Japanese idioms are used, and the level is quite high. There are many conversations about the military, the past and national strategies of the characters, and the story itself is difficult. The level of Japanese language is very high because even if the characters are simply conversing on a daily basis, there are words that the learners are not familiar with.

Hard Slow Start

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Slow Start” (Advanced Level)

This is a story about Hana Ichinose, who entered high school after graduating from junior high school, spending her days with her classmates. There are no male characters, so the conversation consists of only female talk. You can enjoy the conversation of the female high school students. However, it is good for enjoying anime because it contains a lot of maniac terms and lines, but it is difficult to learn Japanese.

Normal Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Gourmet Girl Graffiti” (Intermediate Level)

This anime tells you that you are happy to eat with someone. There are many dishes made with Japanese ingredients, so you can learn about food, ingredients and culture and terminology related to Japanese life. There are many terms related to food and cooking, so the rate of difficult words is high, but the content of conversation and lines are very simple, so it is a perfect work for understanding Japanese food culture.

Easy Hinako Note

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Hinako Note” (Elementary Level)

Because the characters are trying to create a small theater company, words related to theater appear. Other than that, the works are suitable for learning Japanese because daily conversation is conducted in plain Japanese. There are few difficult terms, so you can watch it without worries.

Easy Yuyushiki

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Yuyushiki” (Elementary Level)

Each character has a girly tone, but the difference in the way they speak shows their personality. If you pay attention to the characters’ personalities and their language, such as bright characters and self-paced characters, you can learn more realistic Japanese.

Very Easy Sweetness and Lightning

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sweetness and Lightning” (Beginner Level)

This animation allows you to enjoy the difference in the way adults and children speak. In particular, paying attention to the differences between adults’ and their usual ways of speaking on a whip promotes your Japanese learning. Since the conversation is centered on elementary school children, the content of the conversation is very simple and it is easy to practice Japanese listening.

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