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Hard Nisekoi

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Nisekoi” (Advanced Level)

A romantic comedy that tells the story of two people who are forced to play a fake lover for family reasons until they become true lovers. Therefore, many terms of love appear in conversation. However, the main reason for the difficulty of using the Japanese language in this anime is that the main character frequently uses idioms and young people’s words that are peculiar to the Japanese language.

Hard Masamune kun's Revenge

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Masamune kun’s Revenge” (Advanced Level)

It is a romantic comedy about the main character who created a perfect self to avenge his childhood heroine. Because it is a romantic comedy aimed at young people, the content of conversation is often related to love, and young people’s language also appears. However, the Japanese level of this romantic comedy is so high that it is not suitable for beginners to learn Japanese.

Hard Air

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Air” (Advanced Level)

A story in which the main character, a puppeteer, meets a heroine while traveling alone, and while overcoming various hardships, they are attracted to each other. Conversations range from general to historical. Unlike its appearance, this anime is very difficult to understand in Japanese. However, since this is a historical masterpiece animation, you should watch it regardless of whether you are studying Japanese or not.

Hard Plastic Memories

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Plastic Memories” (Advanced Level)

This is the story of a protagonist and an android girl who meet and become a true partner through work. Since all the characters in the story are members of society, there are a lot of business terms and the conversation is difficult. Business level Japanese learners should try the Japanese listening of this anime.

Normal School Days

Learn Japanese with Anime: “School Days” (Intermediate Level)

The main character, Makoto Ito, has various relationships with women, and in the end, it is an animation of a tremendous destruction. As a result, many romantic words and lines appear. However, it is difficult to use the term because it is not a term of pure love, but rather a term of guilt such as cheating or adultery.

Very Easy One Room

Learn Japanese with Anime: “One Room” (Beginner Level)

This is a unique animation in which the main character doesn’t say a word and only the heroine talks every time. Like FPS games, it becomes a format in which the viewer listens to the conversation of female characters from the first-person perspective of the main character (THAT’S WHY THE MAIN CHARACTER DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING.)

Very Easy Amagami SS

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Amagami SS” (Beginner Level)

It focuses on the conversation between Junichi, who talks like a typical male high school student, and unique female characters. Each female character, the heroine, has a different tone, but they all speak in a standard way, so you can listen to them with ease. The content of the conversation is simple, so it is recommended as an elementary for learning Japanese.

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