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Hard Air

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Air” (Advanced Level)

A story in which the main character, a puppeteer, meets a heroine while traveling alone, and while overcoming various hardships, they are attracted to each other. Conversations range from general to historical. Unlike its appearance, this anime is very difficult to understand in Japanese. However, since this is a historical masterpiece animation, you should watch it regardless of whether you are studying Japanese or not.

Very Hard Monster Story

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Monster Story” (Proficiency Level)

Since the original is a novel, there are many lines other than conversation like a sentence in the ground. All of the characters tend to speak quickly. The conversation tempo between characters is fast, and there is a conversation drama with occult, humor and drama. Oops, I forgot to say. As you know, this is the most difficult anime to learn Japanese.

Normal Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea” (Intermediate Level)

Overall, there are classic terms such as “Holy Fire” (Mitamabi) and “Hatsubi” (Tomoebi), so even Japanese people feel somewhat difficult. There are a lot of terms related to the sea, because the sea is the stage. In addition, adult lines will have high-level honorifics and difficult dialects, so you will find it difficult to listen to Japanese.

Normal Shuffle!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Shuffle!” (Intermediate Level)

Although the Japanese level of this anime is advanced, it is not because there are many fantasy terms, but because there are many phrases and idioms peculiar to Japanese (of course there are many terms related to romance, but that is not bad as a material for learning. )

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