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Easy Love Live!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Love Live!” (Elementary Level)

In this Anime, you can hear a variety of girls’ ways of talking. There are many characters in Love Live! and their ways of talking is also varied to emphasize each personality. Some expressions are exaggerated compared with general Japanese everyday conversation. You can check the differences in ways of talking while comparing with other Anime works.

Very Easy Clannad

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Clannad” (Beginner Level)

Many high school students appear in this Anime, and naturally there are lots of conversations between family members. Some of the characters talk in a very distinctive way, however, you can hear a natural Japanese in general. I will recommend this Anime for a Beginner, as the difficulty level is low.

Very Easy Toradora

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Toradora” (Beginner Level)

Since this Anime is a high school love comedy, its conversations consist of comical lines between students. You can also enjoy a Japanese typical comedy element, “Boke” and “Tsukkomi”, which are roles that form a Japanese Vaudeville duo. I would like the Beginners of the Japanese learners to watch this Anime because there are very few difficult terms as conversations of high school students are central.

Very Easy Celestial Method

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Celestial Method” (Beginner Level)

In this Anime we can learn Japanese in both somewhat reserved manners and friendly manners, as the main character is a secondary school student who returned to Lake Kiriya City after seven years. Note also the word in the title which you write “天体” (てんたい, celestial) and pronounce “そら” in this Anime.

Normal NEW GAME!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “New Game!” (Intermediate Level)

This anime is set in a game developing company. Aoba, who is a newcomer, and her superior called Rin talks appropriately as a working member of society. Almost all of its characters speak so correctly that they can fit in the real world. Therefore, I would like to recommend this anime to all Japanese learners.

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