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Hard Air

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Air” (Advanced Level)

A story in which the main character, a puppeteer, meets a heroine while traveling alone, and while overcoming various hardships, they are attracted to each other. Conversations range from general to historical. Unlike its appearance, this anime is very difficult to understand in Japanese. However, since this is a historical masterpiece animation, you should watch it regardless of whether you are studying Japanese or not.

Normal Sound! Euphonium

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sound! Euphonium” (Intermediate Level)

This is a masterpiece animation about the youth of high school students who are aiming for a national tournament in the brass band club. Music terms and club terms are often used. Daily conversation is not so difficult, but you need to study music and club words. In this anime, I want you to forget about learning Japanese and watch it purely as a masterpiece.

Easy Harukana Receive

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Harukana Receive” (Elementary Level)

It is interesting to listen while paying attention to the difference in tone of each pair. Most pairs have a combination of bright, lively characters and calming speaking characters, such as a brake that stops their partner. There are hardly any honorific words or slang, so you can watch it with peace of mind.

Easy School-Live!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “School-Live!” (Elementary Level)

You can enjoy the difference in the way female characters speak. Especially the gap between the way Yuki speaks and the way others speak is interesting. I cannot explain any more so I hope you can learn Japanese through this “楽しく・明るく・朗らか” (enjoyable, familiar, cheerful) anime.

Normal Tari Tari

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Tari Tari” (Intermediate Level)

High school students generally speak in a general way. One person is not used to Japanese and sometimes speaks in an interesting way. The main character is a character from a young age of high school students, but there are some words for young people, but they don’t use offensive slang, so you can watch it with ease.

Very Hard Monster Story

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Monster Story” (Proficiency Level)

Since the original is a novel, there are many lines other than conversation like a sentence in the ground. All of the characters tend to speak quickly. The conversation tempo between characters is fast, and there is a conversation drama with occult, humor and drama. Oops, I forgot to say. As you know, this is the most difficult anime to learn Japanese.

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