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Hard Angel Beats!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Angel Beats!” (Advanced Level)

Most of the daily conversations are based on student life, but Japanese-specific phrases and idioms frequently appear. From the perspective of learning Japanese, students and youth speak the majority of the lines, and it is fortunate for Japanese learners that honorifics and slang do not appear.

Very Hard When They Cry

Learn Japanese with Anime: “When They Cry” (Proficiency Level)

Due to the characteristics of the stage of the work, there are many lingering expressions and words about village society’s peculiar sense of blockage, closed ships, and solidarity responsibility. In addition, there are a lot of technical terms such as difficult conversation of adults, criminal and yakuza. Contrary to the character’s appearance, it is very difficult to learn Japanese with this work because it is a super masterpiece anime with a story that is heavy even if the content is heavy.

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