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Normal Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun” (Intermediate Level)

This anime is a comedy made up of a male high school student, a professional girl cartoonist, and the characters around him. Compared to other works, this is an animation in which the “pause” that the Japanese like is often used as direction, so you will be able to deeply understand the Japanese sensibility by understanding this interest.

Hard Nisekoi

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Nisekoi” (Advanced Level)

A romantic comedy that tells the story of two people who are forced to play a fake lover for family reasons until they become true lovers. Therefore, many terms of love appear in conversation. However, the main reason for the difficulty of using the Japanese language in this anime is that the main character frequently uses idioms and young people’s words that are peculiar to the Japanese language.

Hard Masamune kun's Revenge

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Masamune kun’s Revenge” (Advanced Level)

It is a romantic comedy about the main character who created a perfect self to avenge his childhood heroine. Because it is a romantic comedy aimed at young people, the content of conversation is often related to love, and young people’s language also appears. However, the Japanese level of this romantic comedy is so high that it is not suitable for beginners to learn Japanese.

Normal Gabriel DropOut

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Gabriel DropOut” (Intermediate Level)

This is a comedy animation about angels and demons training in the human world, but it basically describes the daily lives of high school students. Therefore, although the conversation is simple and easy, there are a few kinds of words used. It is a good idea to practice listening, being aware that RPG-related game terms and religious terms will appear.

Normal Daily Lives of High School Boys

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Daily Lives of High School Boys” (Intermediate Level)

Because it is a comedy animation, each character changes his way of talking frequently. Many of the conversations are childish for a second-year high school student. Also, there are many variations in the words that appear, and there are many terms that are not familiar to Japanese learners. What I want to say is that learning Japanese in this anime is inappropriate. But I’ll add that it’s an interesting animation.

Easy Himouto! Umaru-chan

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Himouto! Umaru-chan” (Elementary Level)

A comedy animation that enjoys the difference between the heroine Umaru when she is outside and inside the house. A lot of different words appear. If it is understood, the conversation is easy to understand because it is simple, but it is not suitable for learning because the words are not consistent.

Easy Kill Me Baby

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Kill Me Baby” (Elementary Level)

Most of the conversations are between the killer Sonya and the stupid high school student Yasuna. Because ninja also appear as the third character, some words related to ninja, which are not familiar to Japanese learners, appear, but basically there are many simple conversations, so it is easy to practice listening to Japanese.

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