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Hard Guilty Crown

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Guilty Crown” (Advanced Level)

As you might expect, a variety of military terms such as weapons ammunition, battles, and operations appear, and there are many terms and lines that are difficult for political relations in adult conversations. This anime can only be recommended for advanced Japanese learners who like political dramas and political struggles.

Normal Future Diary

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Future Diary” (Intermediate Level)

Each character speaks differently, but I want you to rest assured that it’s almost realistic. This anime is a drama containing fantasy elements, but there are not many difficult words. There are many variations of difficult words, so if you are an advanced Japanese language learner, it will not be bad to try this anime.

Hard Ga-Rei: Zero

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Ga-Rei: Zero” (Advanced Level)

The two heroines are high school girls, but because there are many adult conversations, difficult phrases and high-level honorific words often appear. Because of the world view of the work, there are many youkai and police-related terms, so if this anime is really suitable for learning Japanese, it is limited to advanced learners of Japanese.

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