Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sound of the Sky” (Proficiency Level)


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82% Brilliant

Until you see the 12 episodes of the final episode, you won't understand the greatness of this work. Because I was like that. I want you to watch the final episode patiently. You will surely know why this anime is called a hidden masterpiece. The story is a masterpiece.

  • Story/Worldview 95 %
  • Character 70 %
  • Animation/Background 85 %
  • Songs/Sound 80 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 80 %
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1. Information

Title (Eng)Sound of the Sky
Title (Jpn)ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト
Aired Year2010
GenresSlice of life, Sci-Fi



2. Synopsis

On the outskirts of the country of Helvetia rests the tranquil town of Seize. Upon its cobbled streets, citizens go about their daily lives, undisturbed by the increasingly tense military relations between Helvetia and the neighboring Roman Empire.

It is under these circumstances that the 1121st platoon of the Helvetian army, stationed at the Clocktower Fortress in Seize, receives a new recruit in the young and spirited Kanata Sorami. Having joined the military to fulfill her dream of learning to play the bugle, she excitedly accepts the tutelage of the Sergeant Major, Rio Kazumiya, who happens to be a skilled trumpeter. Working alongside them are the aloof mechanic, Noël Kannagi, the feisty gunner, Kureha Suminoya, and the compassionate Captain Felicia Heideman; together, they experience the beauty of life in Seize and the lasting joy of a community that has persevered in spite of the crumbling world around them.

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/6802/So_Ra_No_Wo_To



3. Proficiency can Learn Japanese with This Anime

The prevalence of difficult words is quite high at 14.0 words per episode. Furthermore, the difficult words that appear are military terms and Japanese idioms, so learning Japanese will be extremely difficult. Also, the world view is hard to understand, and even though it is a story of the distant future, there is no sense of the future in life, but rather it is receding. The troops are in remote areas, ruins, and ruined fortresses, so they feel as if they have returned to the past. It is also difficult for Japanese learners to understand the national strategy, which is the core of the story, because the words are difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to use this work as a Japanese language study unless you are proficiency or higher. However, this work is not suitable for learning, considering that the words are only military words that are not usually used.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 14.0 terms/episode= 168 / 12
Difficulty Level20th grade= Graduate
Total Difficulty Score280.0 points= 14.0 * 20
Comprehensive JudgmentVery Hardover 310.0 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerProficiency 




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