Learn Japanese with Anime: “Charlotte” (Intermediate Level)


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88% Brilliant

Although the evaluation of a story is divided according to people, it is evaluated that it is personal. The development drawn into the story is very interesting. Tomori and other characters stand out and are very good.

Above all, drawing is the best. The background is the highest level without complaint. It can be said that this alone is worth watching.

Also, both OP songs and ED songs are good. There are many inserted songs, each with an impressive finish. The sound BGM is also very good, and the comedy, daily life, seriousness, and excitement are all well created.

A serious and unique story with interesting comedy elements. This is an excellent anime that I would like to recommend with Angel Beats !.

  • Story/Worldview 85 %
  • Character 90 %
  • Animation/Background 100 %
  • Songs/Sound 80 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 85 %
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 %


1. Information

Title (Eng)Charlotte
Title (Jpn)Charlotte
Aired Year2015
GenresDrama, Sci-Fi



2. Synopsis

While on the surface Yuu Otosaka appears to be just another charming and intelligent teenager, he has a secret—he has the ability to slip into people’s minds and fully control their body for five seconds at a time. Yuu has been using this skill for years to gain the highest grades, which allowed him to enter a prestigious high school.

When the enigmatic Nao Tomori catches Yuu using his power, she coerces him and his sister Ayumi into transferring to Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for students with supernatural abilities. The student council of the school, led by Nao, is tasked with secretly tracking down adolescents who abuse their powers. Yuu is forced to join the student council and together, they face formidable challenges that bring him closer to the shocking truth that his own, seemingly incomplete ability, might be more powerful than he could have ever imagined.

An original story from Jun Maeda, creator of Angel Beats and ClannadCharlotte explores the supernatural lives of these teenagers and the price they must pay for being special.

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/28999/Charlotte?q=CHAR


3. Intermediate can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Because this anime has the theme of ESP, terms related to ESP appear. However, surprisingly, those special terms do not appear frequently, so It’s happy with Japanese listening practice. There are many idioms in Japanese, but nothing so difficult. However, it is a little tricky for listening practice because everyday terms and technical terms are mixed. Sister Kurobane needs a bit of caution, but don’t care more than necessary. Tomori’s way of speaking is a smashed honorific style often used by modern youth. This way of speaking exists in reality, but it is not a good way of speaking. However, it is also one of her charms, so you should know that this broken honorific style exists in modern Japan.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 7.6 terms/episode= 98 / 13
Difficulty Level12th grade= Middle School
Total Difficulty Score91.2 points= 7.6 * 12
Comprehensive JudgmentNormalin 70 to 129.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerIntermediate 


The List of Difficult Terms that Appear in this Anime (=98 terms)
1 茶番劇 
2 視認 
3 親権 
4 恩人 
5 念写Psychic terms
6 口寄せPsychic terms
7 念動力Psychic terms
8 思春期 
9 ガチでSlang
10 内心 
11 病み上がり 
12 パシリSlang
13 隻眼 
14 鎮静剤Medical terms
15 ミーハーSlang
16 自業自得 
17 受験 
18 シスコンJapanglish
19 自暴自棄 
20 名門校 
21 まんざら 
22 嘘八百 
23 転入 
24 特待生 
25 はぶられるSlang
26 不肖 
27 他言無用 
28 狡猾 
29 世も末 
30 自炊 
31 品定め 
32 サジ加減Idioms
33 不可思議 
34 ハレンチ 
35 ゲロるSlang
36 親御さん 
37 上玉 
38 詰む 
39 首尾よく 
40 付属中学 
41 豪語する 
42 全寮制 
44 主旋律 
45 絶景 
46 特効薬Medical terms
47 彗星 
48 中辛 
49 交霊術 
50 事情聴取宇 
51 夢遊病 
52 多重人格Psychic terms
53 憑依Psychic terms
54 少年院 
55 防火服 
56 問答無用 
57 故人 
58 抜け駆け 
59 内申点 
60 単刀直入 
61 私利私欲 
62 被験者Medical terms
63 お礼参り 
64 偏食家 
65 着痩せ 
66 才色兼備 
67 打撲 
68 秘伝 
69 野暮 
70 媚びを売るIdioms
71 お暇する 
72 頭脳明晰 
74 闘病生活Medical terms
75 差し金 
76 ご清聴 
77 悲壮感 
78 線香 
79 藪から棒にIdioms
80 天動説 
81 シャバSlang
82 半壊 
83 連れない 
84 成せば成す 
85 骨が折れるIdioms
86 虐殺 
87 無作為 
88 腹を括るIdioms
89 丸腰 
90 絶品 
91 素行 
92 奇特 
93 買い被る 
94 偏差値 
95 善行 
96 全能 
97 蛮勇 
98 本望 



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