Learn Japanese with Anime: “Blood-C” (Intermediate Level)


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71% Excellent

Although this anime is notable for its low evaluation, the story is my favorite story because the spoilers in the latter half are shocking. The protagonist has strong strength and dozi-kid elements but is not very attractive. I don't like this character design. The world view that will be revealed in the second half is shocking and interesting.

The action scene drawing moves very well and the terrible depiction is excellent. Blood splash and blood splash. Like. The sound matched to the action is also very good for horror. Everyday scenes can also be produced with normal sound. This is very important. Especially BGM, which is the theme music, is very unique and creepy.
Except for the last impact, there are many similar works, but the strength and exaggeration of the last is enough personality, quite scary.

  • Story/Worldview 75 %
  • Character 50 %
  • Animation/Background 70 %
  • Songs/Sound 80 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 80 %
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1. Information

Title (Eng)Blood-C
Title (Jpn)BLOOD-C
Aired Year2011
GenresAction, Horror



2. Synopsis

Blood-C is set in an isolated rural town on the shore of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Saya Kisaragi is the shrine maiden of the Shinto shrine run by her father Tadayoshi, and is outwardly a friendly and clumsy high school girl—her circle of friends include neighbor and cafe owner Fumito Nanahara; school friends Yūka Amino, twins Nene and Nono Motoe, class president Itsuki Tomofusa, the taciturn Shinichirō Tokizane; and Saya’s schoolroom teacher Kanako Tsutsutori.

But while living a normal school life by day, Saya and her father spend the night defending the village against Elder Bairns, monsters who possess inanimate objects to stalk humans and feed on their blood. Saya’s skills in the “art of the sword” enable her to defeat the Elder Bairns, but those capable of speech accuse Saya and the humans of violating a covenant dubbed “Shrovetide”. Saya also encounters a talking dog which says it is here to grant someone’s wish, and suffers from blanks in her memory and is pained by headaches whenever she tries to remember.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood-C


3. Intermediate can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Needless to say, there are many splatter depictions that are not a part of learning Japanese. The main characters are all correct Japanese, but “old men” are difficult to understand because they use old-fashioned and old words. It is particularly difficult to see classic monsters that are not used in modern times and religious terms related to Shinto. The main character is a shrine maiden with a background of Shinto, so it would be good to know part of Japanese culture (but it goes without saying that there is a problem as a learning subject in the first place, it is an interesting anime)


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 4.8 terms/episode= 57 / 12
Difficulty Level16th grade= University
Total Difficulty Score76.8 points= 4.8 * 16
Comprehensive JudgmentNormalin 70 to 129.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerIntermediate 


The List of Difficult Terms that Appear in this Anime (=57 terms)
1 古きものCoined word
2ごしんとう御神刀Religious terms
3しんとう神道Religious terms
5はっけ八卦Religious terms
6 約定 
8 怪談 
9 巡査さん 
10 神主Religious terms
11 伝記 
12しゅじきめん朱食免Coined word
13 血肉 
14 資質 
15 拝礼Religious terms
18 お人好し 
19 点呼 
20 神職Religious terms
21 祭事Religious terms
22 本殿Religious terms
23 吉祥八卦Coined word
24 大暴騰 
25 過疎地 
26 快活 
27 精進 
28 常連 
29 いたたまれない居た堪れない
30 果てる 
31 失踪 
32 貪る 
33 滅する 
37 棒読み 
39 神託Religious terms
40 空耳 
41 神妙な 
43 憤る 
44あくじき悪食Religious terms
46 拝見 
47 茶番劇 
48 茶番 
49 衣替え 
52 百人一首 
53かいい怪異Religious terms
54 異能Religious terms
55 大団円 
56 呪符Religious terms
57 使役 



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