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75% Excellent

This is a rare soap-opera type animation. Despite its soft drawn animation and lovely character design, the story gets so raunchy that no one can expect it. That definitely draws you in. The animation’s songs are also characteristics. The opening song "嘘の火花" (うそのはなび, fireworks of lies) and the ending song "平行線" (へいこうせん, parallel lines) are both absolutely fantastic. You need to have a little bit of courage to see this animation, but this is a stretched out romance anime that I consider to be excellent and recommend it to everyone.

  • Story/Worldview 85 %
  • Character 70 %
  • Animation/Background 70 %
  • Songs/Sound 80 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 70 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 85 %


1. Information

Scum's Wish

Title (Eng)Scum’s Wish
Title (Jpn)クズの本懐
Aired Year2017
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2. Synopsis

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

Hanabi Yasuraoka of a high school student now fell in love with Narumi Kanai which is her older childhood friend and her homeroom teacher. However, from the expression in Narumi’s eyes when he saw Akane Minagawa, a new music teacher, Hanabi realized that he was in love with Akane, not her. Hanabi encounters another student who falls in love with Akane, Mugi Awaya. Both sexually and emotionally, Hanabi and Mugi have decided to fill each other’s loneliness from the love of each one crush and start a fake relationship. They agree not to fall in love with each other and end their relationship if their love comes back from the people they love.



3. Character’s way of Speaking

・Yasuraoka Hanabi (安楽岡 花火, やすらおか はなび)

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

Her style of speaking ends sentences with “xxx でしょ” and “xxx よね”, which is commonly used among many high school girls. However, she speaks brutally about things she does not like. She calls Narumi, who is her childhood friend and teacher, “お兄ちゃん” (おにいちゃん, big bro) unintentionally. She harshly talks to Akane, who is her love rival, and often calls her “年増女” (としまおんな, old woman) in her mind. Hanabi speaks the way real high school girls do in both good and bad ways. I would like Japanese learners in the same generation to use her way of speaking in order to practice the listening skill.


・Awaya Mugi (粟屋 麦 あわや むぎ)

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

His style of speaking ends sentences with “xxx だけどな” and “xxxだよ”, which is commonly used among many high school boys. He usually keeps his emotions in himself and speaks in a detached tone. He also uses young people’s language (not slang) frequently such as “すっげー” (awesome). You can see slight kindness in his blunt tone of voice when he talks to Akane, who is his love interest. I would like Japanese learners in the same generation to use his way of speaking in order to practice the listening skill.


・Kanai Narumi (鐘井 鳴海, かない なるみ)

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

His style of speaking ends sentences with “xxx だな” and “xxx だろ”, which is commonly used among men. He calls Hanabi, who is his childhood friend, “Hana chan” unintentionally. He corrects his mistake and calls her “Yasuraoka-san” again because high school teachers call their students by their last names under usual circumstances. He often stutters in front of Akane, who is his love interest.


・Minagawa Akane (皆川 茜, みながわ あかね)

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

Her style of speaking ends sentences with “xxx よ” and “xxx ね”, which is a calm and feminine tone. She speaks neatly as a teacher, but she speaks coldly in her monologue. She often uses her honeyed voice to the male characters in an attempt to make them like her by extending the end of words. She speaks condescendingly and confidently when she feels a sense of superiority. Since Mugi and Akane are acquaintances, she calls him “Mugi-chan” unintentionally.



4. Terms and Talking Contents

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

Since it is a romance anime, the contents of conversations are often related to feelings of love such as “片想い” (かたおもい, one-sided love), “失恋” (しつれん, broken heart), and “弄ぶ” (もてあそぶ, to play with one’s feelings). Difficult terms are not particularly heard. However, the conversations include many complex contents compared to other romance anime. Because of this, their statements have a lot of negative remarks such as “やさぐれてる” (peevish), “傷心” (しょうしん, heartbreak), and “不倫” (ふりん, affair), but you can see strong will and determination in the negativeness. By paying attention to the conversations between student and teacher trying to use appropriate language, for example, how to call each other’s name, you are able to learn Japanese nuances hidden inside of these words.



5. Difficult Term List (You should prepare for them before watching)

・Difficult Term List which You Must Know (They come out more than twice)

1かたおもい片想いunrequited love
2しょうわる性悪ill-natured; inconstancy
3おさななじみ幼馴染childhood friend; friend from infancy
5さくしゅ搾取exploitation; bleeding dry
6しんにん新任inaugural; new
7しょじょ処女virgin; maiden
8もてあそぶ弄ぶto toy with (one’s emotions, etc.); to trifle with
9あさはか浅はかshallow; superficial; thoughtless
10ろくでもないろくでもないgood-for-nothing; worthless
11やるせないやるせないhelpless; cheerless; miserable
12じそんしん自尊心self-esteem; self-respect; self-importance
13しゅうちゃく執着attachment; adhesion; tenacity
14かきこうしゅう夏期講習summer term short course
15しつれん失恋disappointed love; broken heart
16うわき浮気extramarital sex; affair; fooling around


・Difficult Term List which Can Be Useful (They come out once)

17としまおんな年増女woman past her prime
18おふくろのあじお袋の味mom’s home cooking; taste of mom’s cooking
19しゅうねんぶかい執念深いvindictive; tenacious; persistent
20やさぐれるやさぐれるto sulk; to be peevish
21じょうじゅ成就fulfillment; fulfilment; realization
22にっちょく日直day duty; day shift
23かいきげんしょう怪奇現象unnatural phenomenon; strange happenings
24みずいらずで水入らずでprivately; with outsiders barred
25よどおし夜通しall night; throughout the night
26じゅけん受験taking an examination (esp. school and university entrance)
27はつこい初恋first love; puppy love
28おもいすごし思い過ごしgroundless fear; thinking too much; making too much of
29ごへい語弊faulty statement; misleading statement
30うさんくさい胡散臭いsuspicious-looking; shady; questionable
32おもかげ面影face; looks; vestiges
33もうそう妄想wild idea; delusion
34しんがく進学entering a higher-level school
35しごげんきん私語禁止whispering prohibition
36きょぞう虚像virtual image; false image
37かんび甘美sweet (taste); luscious
38ふかしん不可侵inviolability; sacredness
39いくじなし意気地なしcoward; timid creature
40きちく鬼畜brute; savage; fiend
41かいそう回想recollection; retrospection; reflection
42そっけない素っ気ないcold; short; curt; blunt
43たぶらかすたぶらかすto trick; to cheat; to deceive
44しょうしん傷心heartbreak; grief; sorrow
45べっそう別荘holiday house; vacation home
46じぎゃく自虐self-torture; masochism
47せいれんけっぱく清廉潔白being upright and cleanhanded
48ぐもん愚問foolish question
49ととうをくむ徒党を組むform a faction; band together
50かんしょうにひたる感傷に浸るbe sentimental
51ふりん不倫adultery; immorality; impropriety
52ださん打算calculation; self-interest; selfishness



6. Elementary can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Scum's Wish

(c)横槍メンゴ/SQUARE ENIX・「クズの本懐」製作委員会

Although it is a raunchy soap opera that has many negative terms, difficult terms occurrence rate is 4.4 terms per episode, and it is not too high. If you have learned romantic terms and feeling words that are used frequently, you will be able to follow the story quite easily. If your level is higher than the elementary level, I would like to recommend to take a look at the Difficult Term List before watching it. If you like romance anime, use this opportunity and learn those terms. You will be able to enjoy other romance anime more easily.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate4.4 terms/episode= 52 / 12
Difficulty Level12th grade= High School
Total Difficulty Score54.0 points= 4.4 * 12
Comprehensive JudgmentEasyin 30.0 to 69.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerElementary 



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