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83% Brilliant

Very unique world-view and a complete 3D which was rare in Japanese Anime made this series become a topic of conversation. The unique world-view is well produced by the characters based on the characteristics of each jewel, the beautiful 3D background pictures, and distinct music. Furthermore, the perfect 3D animation has unparalleled highest level: the intensity and you-are-there feeling are noteworthy. The classical script that the main character grows little by little also gives satisfaction.

  • Story/Worldview 85 %
  • Character 90 %
  • Animation/Background 95 %
  • Songs/Sound 65 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 80 %
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1. Information

Land of the Lustrous

Title (Eng)Land of the Lustrous
Title (Jpn)宝石の国
Aired Year2017
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2. Synopsis

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

This is a story of growth. Phosphophyllite, the youngest of the jewels, has only three and a half hardness and his low toughness is not very suitable for battles either. He does not have other job aptitudes as well. And yet, he is a glib speaker; in other words, a genuine loser. He receives a job when he is nearly three hundred years old. And that was: the compilation of a natural history encyclopedia. While not being very amused by that modest job, he sees the world with his own eyes and experiences many things. Gradually, he is swallowed up by a mighty wave. At last, Phosphophyllite gets “strength” he had long wanted in an undesirous way.



3. Character’s way of Speaking

・Phosphophyllite (フォスフォフィライト)

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

Phosphophyllite uses “僕” (ぼく, Boku). when he talks in the first person. He talks with a tone of a little child, such as “xxx だよ” and “xxx なの”. At the same time he uses often young people’s broken language, such as “xxx ってか”. “xxx ってか” is “xxx というか” to be precise, and that means “I mean (something) rather than xxx”. It is an expression which is used when opposing the previous conversation. Also, he sometimes uses a polite tone, such as “xxx です” or “xxx ください” when he is joking. Talking with the polite tone when joking is rather common in Japan.

From the viewpoint of Japanese learning, I would like you to listen carefully as the story progresses, that his appearance and personality changes and the tone of his language also changes accordingly.


・Cinnabar (シンシャ)

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

Cinnabar uses “俺” (おれ, Ore) as the first person. He talks with a slightly rough, boyish tone, such as “xxx だ” and “xxx しちまう”. He might look like a roughneck when we only hear his tone. However, he is a character who has loneliness inside. His loneliness and sadness appear in some of his lines such as “I am waiting here to be taken away”. Since his lines themselves are very simple, it is suitable for training Japanese listening.


・Diamond (ダイヤモンド)

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

The first person of Diamond is “僕” (ぼく, Boku). However, she (?) talks with a girly tone, such as “xxx だわ” or “xxx よ”. Such a girly tone gives a gentle impression to others. Let us understand each personality from their manner of speaking since the characters have no gender specified.


・Kongou Sensei (金剛先生, こんごう せんせい)

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

He is like a parent or a teacher of the jewels. Among all the characters, he is the only one who has man’s voice and he speaks with a calm tone of an adult. Since he is a teacher, many of his lines sound explanatory. He uses “xxx だ” or “xxx しなさい”, that sound as if he teaches his students. His careful way of talking instructive and guiding lines give a very good impression. I would like you to apply this not only for Japanese listening practice but also for emulation. This will definitely help you become able to speak Japanese with a polite and calm tone of an adult.



4. Terms and Talking Contents

Since the jewels have no gender but have very unique characteristics, they talk according to their personalities. Not only by their appearance, but also by listening how they talk, you can understand whether each jewel has boyish or girly personalities, or whether they are childish or mature. Therefore, it is very good training to use this Anime for Japanese listening practice.

The conversation between Kongou Sensei and the jewels are similar to that between school teacher and students. From the Japanese in the conversation, you will be able to learn the actual practice in the Japanese language based on the hierarchical relationship, which is unique to Japan. There are terms related to ores, such as “硬度” (こうど, hardness), “合金” (ごうきん, alloy), “結晶” (けっしょう, crystal), “無機物” (むきぶつ, inorganic substance) and “同属” (どうぞく, homogeneous). At the same time, there are medical terms such as “ヤブ” (やぶ, quack), “急患” (きゅうかん, emergency patient) “回診” (かいしん, round), Japanese idioms such as “途方に暮れる” (とほうにくれる, to feel lost) “忍びない” (しのびない, can’t dare to) “機が熟す” (きがじゅくす, the right moment has come), and terms that represent this Anime, such as “瞑想” (めいそう, meditation) and “冬眠” (とうみん, hibernation).



5. Difficult Term List (You should prepare for them before watching)

・Difficult Term List which You Must Know (They come out more than twice)

1つきじん月人Moon People
2はくぶつし博物誌Natural History (Pliny)
3めいそう瞑想meditation; contemplation
4やぶヤブpoor doctor; inept doctor; quack
5こうど硬度hardness; solidity
6とうみん冬眠hibernation; winter sleep; torpor
7きゅうしき旧式old type; old style
8しんがた新型new type; new style; new model


・Difficult Term List which Can Be Useful (They come out once)

10けいろう敬老respect for the aged
11さんじゅうく三重苦triple handicap
12そうめい聡明wise; sagacious; intelligent; sensible
13みさきcape (on a coast)
14ふもうな不毛barren; sterile; infertile; unproductive (e.g. discussion)
15むきぶつ無機物inorganic substance
16はいれつ配列arrangement; disposition
17けっしょう結晶crystal; crystallization; crystallization
19とほうにくれる途方に暮れるto be at a loss; to be puzzled
20おそれおおい恐れ多いawesome; awe-inspiring
21かきゅうてきすみやか可及的速やかas soon as possible; ASAP
22いっぺん一片(a) slice; (a) piece
23きゅうかん急患emergency case
24せんとうきょう戦闘狂combat mania
25へんちょう偏重attaching too much importance to; placing disproportionate emphasis on
26ようしょく養殖aquaculture; culture; cultivation; raising
28しのびない忍びないcannot bring oneself (to do); unable to bear (e.g. seeing)
30きがじゅくす機が熟すfor the time to be ripe
31じゅし樹脂resin; rosin
32おしろい白粉(face) powder; Oshiroi
33すえっこ末っ子youngest child
34どうぞく同属same sort; same kind; same genus; homologous; congeneric
35なにとぞ何卒please; kindly; I beg of you; if it pleases you
36きかん帰還repatriation; return
37かいしん回診doctor’s hospital rounds
38りゅうすい流氷drift ice; ice floe
39じごうじとく自業自得paying for one’s mistakes; getting one’s just deserted; suffering the consequences (of one’s own actions)
40きゅうだいてん及第点passing mark
41きんこう均衡equilibrium; balance


6. Elementary can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Land of the Lustrous

© 2017 市川春子・講談社/「宝石の国」製作委員会

This is a very unique Anime. The characters are jewels and they appear in the form of human beings. However, surprisingly, difficult terms occurrence rate in this Anime is low: 3.5 terms/episode. Each character is also unique and has an individual way of talking, but they are all common way of talking in our daily lives. Slightly difficult words are also used (Kongou sensei especially tends to use more difficult terms), but I want you to be relaxed about them since I have already listed those difficult terms up for you. If you have gone through the list of difficult terms prior to watching, you are able to enjoy this Anime very easily. I evaluate the difficulty of Japanese of this Anime as Easy and recommend people with Elementary level to make use of this Anime for their Japanese studies. This film especially will help to improve your listening skills.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate3.5 terms/episode= 42 / 12
Difficulty Level12th grade= High School
Total Difficulty Score42.0 points= 3.5 * 12
Comprehensive JudgmentEasyin 30.0 to 69.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerElementary 



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