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79% Excellent

A unique story depicting the daily life of characters while set in the world of demise and depression. The messages this anime expresses is intense and each viewer may interpret it differently. However, I would like you to take in this worldview of this unique and scary feel of demise as it is. This is excellent anime.

  • Story/Worldview 90 %
  • Character 70 %
  • Animation/Background 75 %
  • Songs/Sound 85 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 75 %
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 92 %


1. Information

Girls' Last Tour

Title (Eng)Girls’ Last Tour
Title (Jpn)少女終末旅行
Aired Year2017
GenresSlice of Life, Sci-Fi
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2. Synopsis

Girls' Last Tour


The series follows two young girls, Yuuri and Chito, traveling through the ruins of civilization after the unknown apocalypse and traveling through the modified Kettenkrad, looking for food and supplies as they survive daily.



3. Character’s way of Speaking

・Chito (チト, ちと)

Girls' Last Tour


Chito adds “xxx だな” and”xxx だけど” on her style of speaking, a sense of coldness and rudeness in her voice. Compared to Yuri, she has an abundant vocabulary. Quite the opposite of Yuri as she says many instructive words such as “だまってろ” (shut up) and “ふざけるな” (do not be stupid)”. But the voice is flat and not very angry in most scenes. It is often heard in a conversation between friends in actual Japan that it becomes a strong tone to a friendly partner who they open their hearts to. It is a good character for listening for Japanese learners, but it is better not to emulate.


・Yuhri (ユーリ, ゆーり)

Girls' Last Tour


She often ends the tail of her sentence with a long stretch out “xxx だよー” and “xxx だねー”. This is her style of speaking which gives out a very laid-back tone. There are many scenes of her throwing out questions and quizzes to Chito and doesn’t tend to use difficult words. When she gives out her own opinion, she ends it with “xxx じゃん” which is a way to get the other party’s agreement on an opinion. It is a very common way of speaking with the younger crowd. Her way of speaking is great for Japanese learners.


・Machine (自律機械, じりつきかい)

The machine uses honorific words such as “xxx です” and “xxx ます” and so on. Because human-made artificial intelligence is built inside, there is no emotional speech. There are many scenes where Machine would explain to Chito and Yuri about something, very robot-like and the way he talks is very explanatory. The machine uses words that resemble Japanese newscasters, so it is good for listening.


・Other people

There are not many other people in this anime, but some adults appear along the way. Kanazawa is a man making a map. Talks with a very soft tone by ending his sentences with “xxx だろ” and “xxx だね”. Ishii is a woman who is making an airplane. She speaks with a firm tone and ends her sentences with “xxx だな” and “xxx かもしれない”. It is a very common way to talk. The grandfather is an adult who seems to have grown Chito and Yuri. He talks like a teacher and ends the end of sentences with “xxx なさい” and “xxx だろう”.



4. Terms and Talking Contents

Girls' Last Tour


For the final world where almost no human beings exist, military terms such as “砲弾” (ほうだん, shells), “銃弾” (じゅうだん, bullet), and “爆撃機” (ばくげきき, Bomber) and natural language terms such as “食物連鎖” (しょくもつれんさ, food chain), “捕食者” (ほしょくしゃ, predator), and “生態” (せいたい, ecology) come out. Although it seems to be a serious end of the world, the contents of the conversation are very normal. Complaining that “お腹が空いた” (おなかがすいた, I’m hungry.) or saying “お風呂に入れて嬉しい” (おふろにはいれてうれしい, I am happy to take a bath.) Many conversations point out small happiness in every day.

Yuri sounds like an airhead, but occasionally philosophical and profound, in a normally spoken dialogue. The thing she says might not have an impact at first, but as time passes it begins to melt into your mind. This is a recommended anime to repeat over and over, as you will learn more Japanese than ever.



5. Difficult Term List (You should prepare for them before watching)

・Difficult Term List which You Must Know (They come out more than twice)

1えんぎでもない縁起でもないill-omened; unlucky
2じょうそう上層upper stratum
3かそう下層lower strata
5かいそう階層class; level; stratum; layer
6ぼけているボケてるnot focus
8ごくらく極楽Sukhavati (Amitabha’s Pure Land)
9ごくらくじょうど極楽浄土Amitabha’s Pure Land; Sukhavati
10もぞうひん模造品fake goods; imitations
12らせん螺旋spiral; helix
13きょうかん共感sympathy; empathy
14ほうだん砲弾shell; cannonball
16かやく火薬gunpowder; powder
17しょくもつれんさ食物連鎖food chain


・Difficult Term List which Can Be Useful (They come out once)

18あながあったらはいりたい穴があったら入りたいI was so ashamed that I wanted to crawl under the rug
19ひとかん一缶a can
20たんさく探索search; lookup; hunt
21きかんじゅう機関銃machine gun
22ほぞんしょく保存食preserved foods
24ばくやく爆薬explosive; blasting powder
25きすう奇数odd number
26ぐあいのいい具合のいいconvenient; just right
27こだいじん古代人the ancients; ancient people
28さまよう彷徨うto loiter; to putter; to prowl
29きばく起爆ignition; detonation; triggering
30いきがい生き甲斐reason for living; something one lives for
31ねじがとんでいるネジがとんでるnuts; clumsy; dope
32みつぐ貢ぐto support (someone) financially; to finance
33ちゅうくうこうぞう中空構造mid-air structure
34だんき暖気warmth; warm weather
35かいちょう快調good (condition); going well
36やみくも闇雲reckless; (at) random; haphazard
37へたれヘタレincompetence; laziness; worthlessness
38いちずれ道連れfellow traveler; fellow traveller
39やきかげん焼き加減bake degree
41みとおし見通しunobstructed view; perspective
42やっきょう薬莢(ammunition) cartridge; shell case
43めいげん名言/迷言wise saying/silly saying
45うかいろ迂回路detour; diversion
49しにんにくちなし死人に口なしdead men tell no tales
50ほうだい砲台(gun) battery; fort
51せいたい生態mode of life; ecology
52はっせい発声utterance; speaking; vocalization
53はっせいきかん発声器官vocal organs



6. Elementary can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Girls' Last Tour


Since each line is extremely short and there are many lines of words only, it is very suitable for Japanese learners. Because the theme is the doomed world, attention must be paid only to points where war vocabulary comes out. However, the number of these difficult terms is also small as 4.3 terms per episode, so it is possible to prepare by checking the Difficult Term List. There is neither honorifics nor slang used from these characters, because of the short story composition of 1 episode, 3 stories. It is an anime that is perfect for Elementary Japanese learners. As the difficulty in conversation about the world view increases in the second half, it is very comprehensive and elementary level at best, but also for beginners of the Japanese language, I would recommend you to try and challenge for yourself.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate4.3 terms/episode= 53 / 12
Difficulty Level12th grade= High School
Total Difficulty Score51.6 points= 4.3 * 12
Comprehensive JudgmentEasyin 30.0 to 69.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerElementary 



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