Learn Japanese with Anime: “Your Lie in April” (Beginner Level)


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77% Excellent

This love story shows real World view in the music industry. As the theme is music, the quality of sound is quite amazing and the scene that includes piano performance is very impressive. The characters are unique and great. I shed tears after the last scene. This is an excellent work.

  • Story/Worldview 85 %
  • Character 80 %
  • Animation/Background 75 %
  • Songs/Sound 80 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 65 %
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1. Information

Your Lie in April

Title (Eng)Your Lie in April
Title (Jpn)四月は君の嘘
Aired Year2014
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2. Synopsis

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

“The spring when I am 14 years old — I will be with you” A boy who has nothing meet a girl. Her freedom and passion for music change his mind. Kousei had the ability to play the piano with unparalleled precision. The winter when he was eleven, his mother died. Then he got trauma that causes him to be unable to hear the sound of his piano playing. Since that time, he gave up. But one day, his close friend, Sawabe Tsubaki introduced a violinist Miyazono Kawori to him. She is a free-spirited violinist. It is like her own style. His life was just black and white before he saw her playing. Her performance changed his life to a colorful one. Her violin and his piano will make brilliant harmony.



3. Character’s way of Speaking

・Arima Kousei (有馬 公正, ありま こうせい)

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

He speaks softly. Sometimes he uses rough words. In a monologue scene, he speaks politely. The dialogue can be easily understood because he does not use difficult words.


・Miyazono Kawori (宮園 かをり, みやぞの かをり)

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

Her speaking is adorable. Sometimes she speaks like a man, but it may be because her first meeting with Kousei was a bad situation. It is good for you to learn by listening to her Japanese.


・Sawabe Tsubaki (澤部 椿, さわべ つばき)

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

She speaks more vigorously than Kawori. It is a good way to learn listing and emulation.


・Watari Ryouta (渡 亮太, わたり りょうた)

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

He is such an active boy. He often uses slang.



Igawa Emi comes on strong. She looks charming but her speaking is the most aggressive among the girls’ character in this movie. The reason why she speaks like that is that she is always concerned about Kousei.

Although his speaking is very manly, Aiza Takeshi has a sensitive heart. The reason he speaks manly is to get the confidence to himself.



4. Terms and Talking Contents

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

One of the themes is music and the main theme is their conversations. They don’t speak difficult Japanese. Only difficult words are explained in Chapter 5. Main characters are close to each other. Kousei’s friends try to make him play the piano again. You can tell he is getting proud of himself by what he says while he plays the piano. Not only his voice but also his piano tells us his feeling. Kawori has something to tell him. I can see her feeling sometimes. Her feeling and action will make you emotional. It is so touching. Their relationship through the music taught us, real love. I truly recommend this anime.



5. Difficult Term List (You should prepare for them before watching)

・Difficult Term List which You Must Know (They come out more than twice)

2えんそう演奏musical performance
3えんそうか演奏家music performer
4ひょうげんしゃ表現者uthor, person that express themself
5がくふ楽譜musical score
7しょうせつ小節bar, measure
9はくじょう薄情heartless, cruel
10しんどう神童child genius, infant prodigy
11ちんぷ陳腐trite, bromidic


・Difficult Term List which Can Be Useful (They come out once)



6. Beginners can Learn Japanese with This Anime

Your Lie in April

© 新川直司・講談社/「四月は君の嘘」製作委員会

Normal Japanese language is used in the conversation. There are some words about music. However the words are less than 10 terms, so you can learn the Japanese language well. For example, “奏でた音は春風に浚われるように縺れながら遠ざかって消えてしまう” (かなでた おと は はるかぜ に さらわれる ように もつれ ながら とおざかって きえて しまう) This sentence seems like what musicians would say. These sentences appear a few times. Anyway, don’t worry. There are only a few slang words in the anime, so you can understand easily. Please check it out. This Anime can be strongly recommended for beginners.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate0.6 terms/episode= 15 / 22
Difficulty Level8th grade= Middle School
Total Difficulty Score4.8 points= 0.6 * 8
Comprehensive JudgmentVery Easyin 0 to 29.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerBeginner 



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