Learn Japanese with Anime: “One Room” (Beginner Level)


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This animation is made from a man's point of view as a characteristic of the work. Therefore, some viewers may not accept this work physiologically. The drawing is relatively stable and the background is Great for a short animation. If you don't dislike the unique character of Galge (computer game for men featuring beautiful women characters), it's worth watching. The beauty of this animation is that you simply love a pretty girl.

  • Story/Worldview 50 %
  • Character 60 %
  • Animation/Background 60 %
  • Songs/Sound 50 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 45 %
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1. Information

Title (Eng)One Room
Title (Jpn)One Room
Aired Year2017



2. Synopsis

Series of shorts that tell stories of your relationship with “your” neighbor, younger sister, and childhood friend.

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/34392/One_Room?q=ONE%20R


3. Character’s Way of Speaking

Hanasaka Yui not only uses simple honorific expressions such as “です” and “ます” at the end of the word, but also uses humble words like “xxx と申します” in the greeting for moving. Ordinary high school students like her can properly use honorific language, humble language and polite language. Her way of speaking is very polite and very feminine. She looks young, but I hope she can emulate her way of speaking.

Momohara Natsuki says in a girly tone, “xxx の” and “xxx ね”. The main character is called “おにいちゃん” because she is a younger sister of the main character. There are many strong lines such as “xxx だからね” and “xxx だもん”. It is easy to listen to Japanese because the voice is loud and the pronunciation is clear.

Aoshima Moka says in a girly tone, “xxx だね” and “xxx だよ”. Because she is a childhood friend of the main character, she talks in a friendly tone. The main character is called “君” (きみ, You). There are many lines that talk about weak points or worries to the main character. He speaks in a very realistic tone on close terms, so it’s very good for listening to Japanese.



4. Terms and Talking Contents

It is a work that makes viewers feel as if they are spending time with the characters as the main characters. The dialogue is not a dialogue between characters, but it feels like the viewer and the character are talking. Japanese is just everyday language, so you won’t have any trouble understanding it. It describes a very ordinary daily life, and since 1 episode is a short animation of 5 minutes, you can concentrate on listening to Japanese. The point of this animation is that you can hear a realistic tone that is very close to reality.



5. Beginners can Learn Japanese with This Anime

You can concentrate on listening because there are only female character lines and no main character (It’s a first-person perspective, so it’s a viewer.) lines. There are few difficult terms. It’s as difficult as Middle School. As stated in the Term List, it only has 12 terms, so it is very easy to watch if you learn beforehand. Recommended for Beginner’s Japanese learners.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 1.0 terms/episode

= 12 / 12

Difficulty Level8th grade

= Middle School

Total Difficulty Score8.0 points= 1.0 * 8
Comprehensive JudgmentVery Easyin 0 to 29.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerBeginner 


The List of Difficult Terms that Appear in this Anime (=12 terms)
1もし模試mock examination; trial examination
2せんとう銭湯public bath; bathhouse
3せいかつしどう生活指導civic guidance; non-curricular educational guidance
4とくばい特売special sale
5よかぜ夜風night wind
6ゆざめ湯冷めfeeling chilly after taking a bath
7ながい長居long visit; overstaying
8めいしょ名所famous place
9よみち夜道street at night
10おさななじみ幼馴染childhood friend
11いろけ色気sex appeal (esp. of women)
12いちゃくつイチャつくto flirt with; to dally



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