Learn Japanese with Anime: “Encouragement of Climb Season2” (Beginner Level)


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This anime is a Slice of life genre, but it is short with 15 minute anime, but the story and characters are very good. The theme is mountain climbing, but it gives a universal message about the importance of friends and the meaning of trying hard in life. It is a very rich anime, so I would like you to watch it without hating it because of its character and atmosphere.

  • Story/Worldview 90 %
  • Character 90 %
  • Animation/Background 60 %
  • Songs/Sound 70 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 70 %
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1. Information

Title (Eng)Encouragement of Climb Season 2
Title (Jpn)ヤマノススメ セカンドシーズン
Aired Year2014
GenresSlice of life
PrequelEncouragement of Climb
SequelEncouragement of Climb Season 3



2. Synopsis

Continuing their treks through the high peaks of Japan, the mountaineering girls are back for more! First-year high school student Aoi Yukimura, a shy girl with a fear of heights, and her wildly energetic friend Hinata Kuraue set out once again to conquer the perils of backyard camping trips, summer homework, and even a climb on the mountain of their dreams. Joined by middle school student Kokona Aoba and their knowledgeable upperclassman Kaede Saitou, the squad members are ready to take on whatever slopes and challenges they might face, no matter how steep.

Through their shared hobby of mountain climbing, they bond closer than ever and even make new friends on trails all over the country. Whether it is just a local hill or the tallest mountain around, nothing is too much for Aoi and the crew to handle. They will climb, stumble, and rise to even greater heights together!

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/21435/Yama_no_Susume__Second_Season?q=YAMA%20NO%20SUSUME


3. Character’s Way of Speaking

Yukimura Aoi says in a girlish tone, “xxx ね” and “xxx だよ”. At the beginning of the story, she spoke in a withdrawn and timid manner, but as she reunited with Hinata and began to climb mountains, her speech gradually became brighter. Especially when she talks with Hinata, she sometimes speaks in a strong tone like “xxx じゃん” or “xxx してよ”. In the monologue, she speaks in simple politeness such as “xxx です” and “xxx ます”. She is a very good character for both listening and emulating Japanese language learning.

Kuraue Hinata speaks in the usual female tone: “xxx でしょ” “xxx しよう” etc. She sometimes makes boyish remarks such as “xxx しようぜ”. In contrast to the shy Aoi, she often speaks positively and cheerfully. Like Aoi, she is a character that I recommend for listening and emulating Japanese learning.

Saitou Kaede says in a feminine tone, “xxx よね” and “xxx かな”. Since she is the senior of Aoi and Hinata, she talks like, “A reliable older sister”. Other characters speak to her in the honorific style of “xxx です” and “xxx ます”. She has a lot of knowledge about mountains, and often teaches them about mountains. She is also a character recommended for listening and emulating Japanese language learning.

Since she is the youngest member, Aoba Kokona uses honorific expressions when speaking to her superiors. However, listening is easy because it is a simple honorific with “xxx です” and xxx ます” at the end of the word. She has a lot of goofy things to say, but she is a character that I can recommend for both listening and emulating Japanese.


4. Terms and Talking Contents

There are few difficult terms because the anime is centered on the loose conversation of high school girls. There are many daily conversations and the difficulty of Japanese is low. Since the theme of the animation is mountain climbing, there are many terms related to mountain climbing such as “標高” (ひょうこう, Elevation), “高山病” (こうざんびょう, altitude sickness) and “遭難” (そうなん, distress). However, even in the anime, these terms are explained so that even beginners can understand them easily, so there is no problem understanding these terms. Many of the climbing terms used in Japan (mainly mountaineering equipment) are derived from German, so those who know German will find the difference in pronunciation interesting.


5. Beginners can Learn Japanese with This Anime

The content of the conversation itself is very simple and there are only a few variations of the terms that appear, so you can listen to Japanese with great ease. 1 episode is 15 minutes, and difficult terms occurrence rate is very low at 3.2 terms/episode. So you can easily watch this anime without subtitles if you learn it in advance on the Difficult Term List. The difficulty level is like Middle School except for climbing terminology, so it is a highly recommended animation for Beginner.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 3.2 terms/episode= 37 / 12
Difficulty Level8th grade= Middle School
Total Difficulty Score25.6 points= 3.2 * 8
Comprehensive JudgmentVery Easyin 0 to 29.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerBeginner 


The List of Difficult Terms that Appear in this Anime (=38 terms)
1ひょうこう標高elevation; height above sea level​
2とざんどう登山道mountain trail; path up a mountain​
3ごらいこうご来光sunrise viewed from the top of a high mountain; the rising sun​
4ごうめ合目station (5合目 = the fifth station)
5こうざんびょう高山病altitude sickness; mountain sickness​
6しょうとくたいし聖徳太子Syoutoku Taishi who was able to hear the talk of seven at the same time
7あまぐ雨具rain gear​
8そうなん遭難disaster; accident; shipwreck
9じょしりょく女子力woman’s level of motivation in fashion, makeup, taste in clothes
10こいばな恋バナtalking about one’s love interests; girls’ talk; gossiping​
11だんがいぜっぺき断崖絶壁precipitous cliff; sheer precipice
12ぜんとたなん前途多難having many difficulties in store; grim prospects
13きがめいる気が滅入るto feel depressed; to be down
14こもれび木漏れ日sunlight filtering through trees​
15ほっぺたがおちるほっぺたが落ちるto think something is delicious; to think something is scrumptious​
16おあいこおあいこdraw; tie
17まんてん満天the whole sky​
18ぜんはいそげ善は急げmove with haste (when you have no doubts)
19かいかぶり買い被りto overestimate; to make too much of​
20いいだしっぺ言い出しっぺfirst person to say something; first person to suggest something
21やきいん焼き印brand (burnt-in mark of identification); branding iron
22きあつ気圧atmospheric pressure​
23きもちがたかぶる気持ちが高ぶるTo be excited
24たっぴつ達筆good handwriting; skillful penmanship​
25まごにもいしょう馬子にも衣裳anybody can look good with the right clothes; clothes make the man
26おさがりお下がりeftovers; hand-me-downs​
27よんびょうし四拍子quadruple time; four-four time
28きんにくつう筋肉痛muscular pain; myalgia​
29たりきほんがん他力本願salvation by faith in Amitabha
30りれきしょ履歴書personal history; curriculum vitae; resume​
31いちにんまえ一人前one portion; one serving; one person​
32ぼけつ墓穴grave (pit)​
33こころおきなく心置きなくfreely; frankly; without reserve​
34つめがあまい詰めが甘いhaving a poor endgame​
35つうconnoisseur; authority​
36まんざらでもないまんざらでもないnot all bad; not as dissatisfied (or annoyed) as one would have others believe​
37かんにんぶくろのおがきれる堪忍袋の緒が切れるto be out of patience; to be unable to put up with something anymore



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