Learn Japanese with Anime: “Guilty Crown” (Advanced Level)


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84% Brilliant

This anime is not surprisingly interesting from the first episode. There are some interesting things, but for some reason it's not good overall. Character design is good, but for some reason it is not attractive. Why? The worldview is built and not bad. The nasty setting that embodies human mind is very good. Drawing is top notch. Fine and polite and works very well. This is wonderful and the production structure is very good. The background is wonderful. I don't like the theme song personally. However, sound and BGM are very good. This is undoubtedly a great deal of inspiring music. OP expresses the world view with terrible drawing, and the production and music are good. In general, the story is not so good, but it's an anime that you can enjoy with just drawing and music. Watch it when you have time.

  • Story/Worldview 75 %
  • Character 80 %
  • Animation/Background 100 %
  • Songs/Sound 90 %
  • Originality/Enjoyment 75 %
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1. Information

Title (Eng)Guilty Crown
Title (Jpn)ギルティクラウン
Aired Year2012
GenresAction, Sci-Fi



2. Synopsis

Japan, 2039. Ten years after the outbreak of the “Apocalypse Virus,” an event solemnly regarded as “Lost Christmas,” the once proud nation has fallen under the rule of the GHQ, an independent military force dedicated to restoring order. Funeral Parlor, a guerilla group led by the infamous Gai Tsutsugami, act as freedom fighters, offering the only resistance to GHQ’s cruel despotism.

Inori Yuzuriha, a key member of Funeral Parlor, runs into the weak and unsociable Shuu Ouma during a crucial operation, which results in him obtaining the “Power of Kings”—an ability which allows the wielder to draw out the manifestations of an individual’s personality, or “voids.” Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against GHQ, Shuu must learn to control his newfound power if he is to help take back Japan once and for all.

Guilty Crown follows the action-packed story of a young high school student who is dragged into a war, possessing an ability that will help him uncover the secrets of the GHQ, Funeral Parlor, and Lost Christmas. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price than he could have ever imagined.

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/10793/Guilty_Crown?q=GUI


3. Advanced can Learn Japanese with This Anime

As you can see, this is an S / F animation set in the near future. As you might expect, a variety of military terms such as weapons ammunition, battles, and operations appear, and there are many terms and lines that are difficult for political relations in adult conversations. Of course, the honorific level is also very high, and not only simply adding “Desu” or “Masu” at the end of the word, but it is also necessary to distinguish honorific and humility. This anime can only be recommended for advanced Japanese learners who like political dramas and political struggles.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 8.3 terms/episode= 182/ 22
Difficulty Level16th grade= University
Total Difficulty Score132.8 points= 8.3 * 16
Comprehensive JudgmentHardin 130.0 to 209.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerAdvanced 



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