Learn Japanese with Anime: “Ga-Rei: Zero” (Advanced Level)



1. Information

Title (Eng)Ga-Rei: Zero
Title (Jpn)喰霊-零-
Aired Year2008
GenresAction, Horror



2. Synopsis

In Japan, there exists a government agency known as the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division (SDCD), whose duty is to protect the citizens from creatures unseen. They are able to dispatch these monsters swiftly and without alerting the general public. But currently, they face a different challenge: the betrayal of one of their own.

After the death of her mother several years ago, Kagura Tsuchimiya has been fostered by the Isayama family and forms a close sister-like bond with their daughter Yomi. The two become inseparable, and together they work for the SDCD as highly skilled exorcists. However, as the stress and consequences of their sacred duty weigh on them both, and family politics come into play, Kagura and Yomi begin to slowly drift apart. One of them grows earnestly into her role as an exorcist, and the other heads down a dark path from which there may be no redemption…

Source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/4725/Ga-Rei__Zero?q=GAREI


3. Advanced can Learn Japanese with This Anime

The two heroines are high school girls, but because there are many adult conversations, difficult phrases and high-level honorific words often appear. The way the two heroines speak is very real and stable, which is good for listening to everyday conversation. However, because of the world view of the work, there are many youkai and police-related terms, so if this anime is really suitable for learning Japanese, it is limited to advanced learners of Japanese.


Difficult Terms Occurrence Rate 12.5 terms/episode= 150 / 12
Difficulty Level16th grade= University
Total Difficulty Score200.0 points= 12.5 * 16
Comprehensive JudgmentHardin 130.0 to 209.9 points
Recommended Japanese LearnerAdvanced 



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