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Very Easy One Room

Learn Japanese with Anime: “One Room” (Beginner Level)

This is a unique animation in which the main character doesn’t say a word and only the heroine talks every time. Like FPS games, it becomes a format in which the viewer listens to the conversation of female characters from the first-person perspective of the main character (THAT’S WHY THE MAIN CHARACTER DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING.)

Very Easy Sweetness and Lightning

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sweetness and Lightning” (Beginner Level)

This animation allows you to enjoy the difference in the way adults and children speak. In particular, paying attention to the differences between adults’ and their usual ways of speaking on a whip promotes your Japanese learning. Since the conversation is centered on elementary school children, the content of the conversation is very simple and it is easy to practice Japanese listening.

Very Easy Is the Order a Rabbit?

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Is the Order a Rabbit?” (Beginner Level)

In general, many characters speak fluently at their own pace. The main character is a girl in junior high school and high school, but the words used give the impression that she is a little younger than ordinary Japanese everyday conversation. Because of this, the terms are simple and the contents of the conversation are simple, making the animation very easy to learn Japanese.

Very Easy Amagami SS

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Amagami SS” (Beginner Level)

It focuses on the conversation between Junichi, who talks like a typical male high school student, and unique female characters. Each female character, the heroine, has a different tone, but they all speak in a standard way, so you can listen to them with ease. The content of the conversation is simple, so it is recommended as an elementary for learning Japanese.

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