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Easy Another

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Another” (Elementary Level)

As explained at the beginning of the anime, “Sakakibara” is a name reminiscent of death in school in Japan. Japan has a history of school terrorism. There are few horror terms for horror anime, but there are many terms that you want to know in general. The tone of each character is exactly the same as that of real junior high school students and adults, and it is very good for learning how to speak.

Easy Love Live!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Love Live!” (Elementary Level)

In this Anime, you can hear a variety of girls’ ways of talking. There are many characters in Love Live! and their ways of talking is also varied to emphasize each personality. Some expressions are exaggerated compared with general Japanese everyday conversation. You can check the differences in ways of talking while comparing with other Anime works.

Easy Scum's Wish

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Scum’s Wish” (Elementary Level)

You can enjoy the gap between the way high school students and their teacher talk to each other. A formal and with a sense of distance and the way they talk to each other at school, and a friendly more light way of speaking to each other outside of school. You can learn one of the characteristics of Japanese that one can adjust a sense of distance with others by changing the way of speaking.

Easy Girls' Last Tour

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Girls’ Last Tour” (Elementary Level)

Compared to other anime, there are very few characters introduced. And the conversation between Chito and Yuri is the main plot point. Because they both speak at a slow speed, it is very easy to understand. A few technical military terms appear, but since most of the conversation consists of plain terms, I would like to recommend it to elementary level Japanese learners.

Easy Laid-Back Camp

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Laid-Back Camp” (Elementary Level)

This story features conversations between female high-school students. There is no character who speaks a female language. You can enjoy laid-back conversations between female high-school students who speak in a natural tone. Considering the difficulty level of the Japanese language used in this anime, it is suitable for intermediate Japanese learners, but if you’re the same generation as them, you can challenge even if you’re an elementary Japanese learner.

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