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Easy Hinako Note

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Hinako Note” (Elementary Level)

Because the characters are trying to create a small theater company, words related to theater appear. Other than that, the works are suitable for learning Japanese because daily conversation is conducted in plain Japanese. There are few difficult terms, so you can watch it without worries.

Easy Himouto! Umaru-chan

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Himouto! Umaru-chan” (Elementary Level)

A comedy animation that enjoys the difference between the heroine Umaru when she is outside and inside the house. A lot of different words appear. If it is understood, the conversation is easy to understand because it is simple, but it is not suitable for learning because the words are not consistent.

Easy Kill Me Baby

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Kill Me Baby” (Elementary Level)

Most of the conversations are between the killer Sonya and the stupid high school student Yasuna. Because ninja also appear as the third character, some words related to ninja, which are not familiar to Japanese learners, appear, but basically there are many simple conversations, so it is easy to practice listening to Japanese.

Easy Harukana Receive

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Harukana Receive” (Elementary Level)

It is interesting to listen while paying attention to the difference in tone of each pair. Most pairs have a combination of bright, lively characters and calming speaking characters, such as a brake that stops their partner. There are hardly any honorific words or slang, so you can watch it with peace of mind.

Easy Yuyushiki

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Yuyushiki” (Elementary Level)

Each character has a girly tone, but the difference in the way they speak shows their personality. If you pay attention to the characters’ personalities and their language, such as bright characters and self-paced characters, you can learn more realistic Japanese.

Easy School-Live!

Learn Japanese with Anime: “School-Live!” (Elementary Level)

You can enjoy the difference in the way female characters speak. Especially the gap between the way Yuki speaks and the way others speak is interesting. I cannot explain any more so I hope you can learn Japanese through this “楽しく・明るく・朗らか” (enjoyable, familiar, cheerful) anime.

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