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Very Easy Celestial Method

[Beginner Level] Learn Japanese with Anime: “Celestial Method”

In this Anime we can learn Japanese in both somewhat reserved manners and friendly manners, as the main character is a secondary school student who returned to Lake Kiriya City after seven years. Note also the word in the title which you write “天体” (てんたい, celestial) and pronounce “そら” in this Anime.

Hard Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions

[Advance Level] Learn Japanese with Anime: “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”

As you can see in the title of this anime, there are many lines specific to “中二病” (ちゅうにびょう, Eighth Grader Syndrome). Chunibyo is a slang, which they believe that they possess supernatural powers and behave so. The word “中二病” is attached as “病” (びょう, disease) but it is not a real disease. Since it is close to the behavior of adolescent boys and girls in 2nd junior high school students (中学二年生, ちゅうがくにねんせい), it is called “中二病” (ちゅうにびょう, Eighth Grader Syndrome). Watching this anime helps your understandings about the concrete Chunibyo words well. From just the viewpoint of learning Japanese, this anime will not be good. (But, repeatedly, this is an outstanding anime!)

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