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Learn Japanese with Anime Top 10 Anime for Learning Japanese

Top 10 Anime for Learning Japanese

I recommend these 10 anime for beginners to learn Japanese. The 10 anime were selected not based on their story or interest, but on their suitability for studying Japanese. In these anime, Japanese culture, the character of the Japanese and their way of thinking are described in an easy-to-understand manner. If you look at not only words but also these factors, learning will be more fun.

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How to Learn Japanese with Anime

It is impossible to learn Japanese only with anime. However, it is possible to learn Japanese by using anime well. The key is to complete basic learning such as vocabulary, kanji, and grammar before using anime. If you can do that, you will be able to understand Japanese culture and Japanese values by learning Japanese through anime.

Very Hard Sound of the Sky

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Sound of the Sky” (Proficiency Level)

This work uses a lot of military language. There are also military terms and strategic terms. Also, Japanese idioms are used, and the level is quite high. There are many conversations about the military, the past and national strategies of the characters, and the story itself is difficult. The level of Japanese language is very high because even if the characters are simply conversing on a daily basis, there are words that the learners are not familiar with.

Very Hard Haganai

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Haganai” (Proficiency Level)

There are many students’ words and slang, and since the stage is a school, there are many words related to school. There are also casual game-oriented words, vulgar words, bad words, and scientific terms. Anyway, the characters are so unique that even if everyone is doing the same thing, there is no sense of unity in terms because they are reinterpreted in terms of each character.

Normal Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun” (Intermediate Level)

This anime is a comedy made up of a male high school student, a professional girl cartoonist, and the characters around him. Compared to other works, this is an animation in which the “pause” that the Japanese like is often used as direction, so you will be able to deeply understand the Japanese sensibility by understanding this interest.

Hard Nisekoi

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Nisekoi” (Advanced Level)

A romantic comedy that tells the story of two people who are forced to play a fake lover for family reasons until they become true lovers. Therefore, many terms of love appear in conversation. However, the main reason for the difficulty of using the Japanese language in this anime is that the main character frequently uses idioms and young people’s words that are peculiar to the Japanese language.

Hard Slow Start

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Slow Start” (Advanced Level)

This is a story about Hana Ichinose, who entered high school after graduating from junior high school, spending her days with her classmates. There are no male characters, so the conversation consists of only female talk. You can enjoy the conversation of the female high school students. However, it is good for enjoying anime because it contains a lot of maniac terms and lines, but it is difficult to learn Japanese.

Hard Masamune kun's Revenge

Learn Japanese with Anime: “Masamune kun’s Revenge” (Advanced Level)

It is a romantic comedy about the main character who created a perfect self to avenge his childhood heroine. Because it is a romantic comedy aimed at young people, the content of conversation is often related to love, and young people’s language also appears. However, the Japanese level of this romantic comedy is so high that it is not suitable for beginners to learn Japanese.

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